Top 8 Benefits of Microsoft Office 365

Have you upgraded to Microsoft Office 365?

If not, you should consider it. Here are eight great benefits of Microsoft Office 365.
1. Access Microsoft Office 365 Anywhere, Anytime
Because Office 365 exists in the cloud, you can access your Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, Outlook and any other Microsoft Office programs you need anywhere around the world. […]

The Real Reason Your New Laptop Runs Slow

Have you ever purchased a brand new Windows laptop computer, and found it to run almost as slow as your old one?

Well, you’re not crazy. Brand new laptops from Windows do tend to run slow right out of the box. This can be incredibly frustrating, especially since you’ve just forked out hundreds, if not […]

How to Organise Your Family with Google Calendar

Ditch the old paper calendar. It’s time for the tech in your pocket to simplify your schedule and streamline your family’s life.

Google Calendar is a free browser-based app that mum, dad, the kids, and even the extended family can use to keep track of everyone’s work and school obligations, appointments, parties, extracurricular classes, sporting […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Saving Money using Skype

Saving money using Skype is easier than you think.

Skype is a widely-used, free application best known for making computer-to-computer calls. But, did you know you can call both Australian and international landlines and mobile phones, too?

Skype can be installed on your computer, tablet, smart phone and smart TV, making it super convenient. Plus, it’s much […]

What is the Best Email System for Small Business?

Are you currently working from home and having trouble syncing your email across all your devices? Does your email hosting provider suffer from technical problems and downtime?

One of the most important systems that a small business needs is a reliable and robust email platform. Many of our home office and small business clients suffer […]

Antivirus Software: Why You Need It

If you don’t have a good antivirus software program on your computer, you will eventually experience frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive issues. That is a guarantee. Unfortunately, some computer owners overlook the importance antivirus software, and end up with computer problems that could have been avoided.

Hopefully this article will give you a better understanding of […]