Microsoft Surface Studio vs iMac 5K

Is Mac better than PC? Or does PC outperform Mac? It’s the age-old debate.

In this article, we’ll pit two high-end, big-screen all-in-ones against each other – it’s the Microsoft Surface Studio vs iMac 5K. So if you’re in the market for a brand new, top-of-the-line computer, this should help you decide between two of […]

Apple TV Setup: 5 Things You Should Do First

So you’ve just bought a new Apple TV – congrats! Apple TV is a fantastic way to browse photos, listen to music, and watch your favourite streaming services on the big screen.

Now comes the setup. As far as tech goes, the Apple TV setup process should be fairly pain-free. In this article, I’ll share […]

Why You Need To Ditch XP and Upgrade Your Operating System

Are you still using Windows XP?

Well guess what – it’s about 16 years old (as of June 2017). XP was the newest operating system from Windows all the way back in 2001.

If you haven’t already, it’s seriously time to get rid of XP and upgrade your operating system.
Why You Should Let Go of Windows […]

Best Anti-Virus Software for Mac

If you’re a Mac-user, chances are you don’t have anti-virus software installed. For a long time, it was widely believed that Macs were immune to viruses and other nasty malware. The truth is, they’re not. And with more and more people making the switch to Mac, viruses are becoming more common.

In this article, we’ll […]

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning a Desktop Computer

Like your clothes, house, and dishes, your desktop computer requires regular cleaning to ensure it continues to perform as it should.

Cleaning a desktop computer is a fairly quick (approx. 20 mins or so) and easy process that removes the build up of dust and dirt that comes with regular use. If you don’t clean […]

5 Features of Google Photos that Make Your Life Easier

Google Photos is a great way to store and edit your images. This free browser-based app is packed full of features that will make your life a whole lot easier. Let’s have a look at five of our favourites.

With smart phone cameras getting better and better (see: iPhone 7 Plus portrait mode), and photo […]

Top 8 Benefits of Microsoft Office 365

Have you upgraded to Microsoft Office 365?

If not, you should consider it. Here are eight great benefits of Microsoft Office 365.
1. Access Microsoft Office 365 Anywhere, Anytime
Because Office 365 exists in the cloud, you can access your Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, Outlook and any other Microsoft Office programs you need anywhere around the world. […]

How to Stop Spam Emails

Are you bombarded with spam emails every single day? You’re not alone. Most of us find unwanted emails in our inbox, which can be quite a chore to delete.

The truth is, you can’t stop spam emails altogether. But, you can minimise them. In this article I’ll talk you through how you can reduce the […]

Should I Buy an Ultrawide Monitor?

You might have seen multi-screen setups before – maybe you even have one yourself. Using multiple monitors is a great way to increase the amount of information you can display on screen at one time. That being said, setting up multiple monitors can be a bit fussy, and there’s nothing you can do about […]

How to Connect Your MacBook to Your TV

Ever wanted to stream movies from your laptop to your TV? Or to show friends and family your holiday snaps on the big screen? Maybe you’d like to catch up on your favourite TV shows using catch-up services like ABC’s iView or Channel 7’s 7PLUS?

Mirroring your Macbook screen on your TV is actually super […]