Get Better Internet Service and Cut Your Costs

Internet ServiceAre you getting the service that you’re paying for?

Are you getting the right speed? The right download allowance? The right price?

How We’ve Helped Others

Here are a few great examples of how we’ve made sure our clients are getting what they are paying for:

  • We saved one Brighton resident $400 per year off her Telstra bundle, secured her a modem upgrade, and she got 8 extra channels for free added to her Foxtel bundle.
  • A retired barrister in Brighton was experiencing around 12 dropouts every day with his internet. After reviewing his equipment and internet contract, and making some changes, we tripled his speed from 6mbps to 18mbs, completely eradicated all dropouts, and secured him a free modem to provide with the latest wifi capabilities.
  • An Elsternwick doctor made changed to his bundle on our recommendation, which resulted in him getting the monthly fee of $25 reduced to $5 per month – with no loss of Foxtel channels.

How We Can Help You

happy_customerHere’s how we can help you get a better internet service and cut costs:

  • Speed up your internet connection. In 30-50% of cases, we can improve the speed.
  • Double or triple your download allowance, depending on your contract.
  • Renegotiate contracts into bundles or more appropriate contracts, and save you money and provide you with extra features.
  • Secure you a new modem for free if your internet contract has expired.
  • Renegotiate your expired mobile phone contract to save you money and improve included features.

offer-buttonSeptember Special Offer

For just $99, we’ll review your contracts, your equipment and your service, and see what we can do to save you money and improve your services. Valid until September 30.

NOTE: Of course there is no guarantee that we can improve on what you already have. It depends on your contract, usage, equipment and other external factors. However we can guarantee that we will do our best to try and improve things for you. We are successful in doing this in 90% of cases.

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