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3 Reasons Why You Should Never Use a Free Email for Your BusinessNo matter how big, no matter how small, all businesses must have an email address. Whether you have a complex email marketing strategy, or just use your account to communicate with customers, if you’re using a free email account, you’re losing business.

A free email account includes Gmail accounts, Hotmail accounts, Yahoo accounts, iCloud accounts, internet provider email accounts, and any other unpaid email services.

For example, your email might look like this: mybusiness@gmail.com or mybusiness@hotmail.com.

Instead, your business email should look something like this: hello@mybusiness.com or info@mybusiness.com. The idea is, your domain name is included in your email address.

Why is this important? Let’s get into the 3 reasons you should never use a free email account for your business.

1. Free Email Accounts are Unprofessional

You want your customers and prospects to trust your business, right? And how they perceive your business will determine whether or not they go ahead and make a purchase.

Free email accounts do not look professional, and they certainly don’t encourage buyers to trust your business. Just imagine if an airline sent you your boarding pass from a Hotmail account? Or your mobile phone provider sent through your phone bill from a Gmail account?

Would you feel confident you weren’t being scammed? We wouldn’t.

Custom email addresses add a professional touch. They show that you’re serious about doing business, and that you’ve put in the effort to create a respectable and trustworthy name.

2. Free Email Accounts are Forgettable

Gmail has more than 1.2 billion active monthly users. That’s a lot of email addresses. It’s no wonder you can rarely get the address you want. Instead of mybusiness@gmail.com, you end up with my_business_1965@gmail.com.

Free email addresses are often cluttered and forgettable. You can hardly expect your customer to remember the name of your first pet, your mother’s maiden name, and the year you were born.

When you create a custom email account using your URL, you can have pretty much any address you’d like. Since it’s just you, there’s no competition.

3. Free Email Accounts are Not Secure or Permanent

The internet is a big place, and things are always changing. When you opt for a free email account, your business address is at the mercy of your email provider.

Email providers go in and out of fashion (remember OzEmail?), and some even shut down for good. When this happens, your business will look out of date, or lose all of its emails.

What’s more, free email services are more susceptible to email security breaches. A hacker isn’t going to target a small business in regional Australia. A multi-billion-dollar cooperation, on the other hand? Absolutely.

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