The difference between cloud backup and cloud file syncing

Want to use a cloud-based service to back up your important files? Great choice. Cloud backup services are secure, flexible, and reliable, especially when paired with a secondary physical backup.

Do keep in mind, however, that not all cloud file storage services are the same. In fact, there’s quite a difference between cloud back and […]

5 good reasons to use a desktop computer

In this day and age, are there any good reasons to use a desktop computer? Even despite their total lack of portability? Absolutely.

However bulky, however utterly stationary, the desktop computer will remain a great choice for many computer users. Why? Here are five compelling reasons to opt for a desktop computer, either instead of, […]

9 reasons why you probably don’t need a new computer

While shopping for a new computer may be fun for some, for others, it’s a confusing hassle. From understanding the technical jargon to seeking out the best possible deal, purchasing a computer can be a serious headache.

Unfortunately, if your old computer is slow, full, and just not performing at its best, it may feel […]

How to Choose the Best Storage Solution for your Business

Eventually, your small business will need more storage space. Digital data – including photos, documents, emails, graphics, audio files, videos, spreadsheets, and databases – are the foundation of most modern-day companies.

What’s more, the need for increased capacity extends beyond data storage. A number of additional factors are impacting businesses hunger for space:

More sophisticated […]

10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10

Still haven’t upgraded to Windows 10? Not convinced it’s worth the effort? Well, we are here to share ten reasons why you should take the plunge and start using Windows 10.

From speed and security to improved apps and browser, Windows 10 is far superior to Windows 8 and other older operating systems. Plus, the […]

PC Upgrades that will Improve your Computer’s Performance

Are you frustrated by your slow PC? Maybe you’ve tried clearing out junk clogging up your hard drive, or even downloaded software claiming to speed things up. Well, if those haven’t worked, it’s time to consider a PC upgrade.

When upgrading your PC’s hardware, you have a whole host of options. You might be left […]

Internet for Business: Which is Best?

Which internet for solution is best for your large or small business IT support needs?

There’s no denying just how vital a reliable internet connection is to today’s businesses. In fact, your internet connection is most likely one of the top variables impacting you and your team’s productivity levels.

Which is the fastest, the most reliable, […]

How to Stop Legitimate Emails from Being Marked as Spam

Most email services automatically sort legitimate emails from what they consider to be ‘spam’. For the most part, they do a great job. However, these spam filters aren’t perfect, and sometimes you’ll find important emails hidden away in your junk folder.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to stop legitimate emails from being […]

10 reasons to outsource your IT support

If you run a small to medium-sized business, you are well aware of just how much hiring a full-time, in-house IT manager can cost. In fact, here in Australia, an IT manager takes home a median salary of over $100K. It’s no wonder so many companies are opting to outsource their small business IT […]

How to Install Windows on a Mac Computer

Did you know that you can easily install Windows on a Mac computer? Sure, Mac computers come with MacOS installed, but since Apple computers switched from PowerPC to Intel a few years ago, they now come with an inbuilt feature called Boot Camp.

You have two options when it comes to running Windows on your […]