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PC Upgrades that will Improve your Computer’s Performance

Are you frustrated by your slow PC? Maybe you’ve tried clearing out junk clogging up your hard drive, or even downloaded software claiming to speed things up. Well, if those haven’t worked, it’s time to consider a PC upgrade.

When upgrading your PC’s hardware, you have a whole host of options. You might be left wondering: which PC upgrade will improve my computer’s performance the most? In other words, which new hardware will give you the most bang for your buck?

Of course, no two PCs are the same, and you should always tailor upgrades to your specific needs. That being said, let’s take a look at the some of the most effective upgrades you can make. Let’s get started.

RAM Upgrades

RAM Upgrades that will Improve your Computer’s Performance

Upgrading your computer’s memory – or RAM – is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most effective ways to boost its performance. Pretty much all PC desktop and laptop computers accommodate DIY RAM upgrades.

So, what can you expect from added RAM? First, an instant speed boost. If you often engage in resource-hungry tasks – such as gaming and video editing – you’ll notice a tremendous difference in how your computer copes.

How much RAM you add to your computer depends on how much you currently have, and what kinds of activities you generally do on your computer. If you have 4 GB installed now, jump up to 8 GB. If you have 4 or 8 GB now and use your computer to play games, edit photos and videos, or other draining tasks, try 16 GB.

If you’re not sure how much RAM you need, feel free to get in contact and we can suggest a RAM upgrade tailored to your specific requirements.

Graphics Card Upgrades

Graphic Card Upgrades that will Improve your Computer’s Performance

If you’re a serious gamer, 3D modeler, or animator, make this your top priority. If you’re not, you can probably skip this upgrade.

PC manufacturers cut costs by including an integrated graphics card in their computers. If you currently have an integrated card, upgrading to a dedicated graphics card will pretty much change your life.

You can check and compare the performance of current graphics cards at gpu.userbenchmark.com.

Processor Upgrades

Processor Upgrades that will Improve your Computer’s Performance

Upgrading your PC’s processor is a little more involved than changing out the graphics card or adding new RAM. It’s trickier to DIY and costs substantially more. Plus, you’ll need to be really careful to ensure that your new processor is compatible with your computer.

What’s more, processor upgrade won’t always deliver the performance improvements you need. Comparison sites like cpubenchmark.net show that modest updates don’t result in big improvements. If you do want to upgrade your processor, it’s only worth doing if you opt for a significantly better model.

If you or a professional technician has determined that your processor is the bottleneck of your PC’s performance issues, it could be worth buying a whole new computer. Not the best news, we know. But, there’s no point spending time and money on an upgrade that may not make a difference.

Hard Drive Upgrades

Hard Drive Upgrades that will Improve your Computer’s Performance

You might upgrade your hard drive for one of two reasons:

  1. You need more space
  2. You want faster performance

If you have already sifted through the files and photos on your computer and still can’t seem to free up enough space, it could be worth swapping out your old hard drive for a bigger one. A full hard drive not only makes it impossible to save new data, but it also drastically slows down your PC.

If you decide to upgrade your hard disk drive for a larger hard disk drive, consider purchasing a drive with a faster physical speed, too. For example, if you currently have a 5400 RPM drive, upgrading to 7200 RPM will result in a considerable speed boost.

The fastest option, however, is to invest in a solid state drive (SSD). Without any moving parts, SSDs are much, much faster and more reliable than the typical hard disk drive. The downside is that SSDs are more expensive, and tend to have much smaller capacities.

If you want both space and performance, consider a hybrid drive. These have an SSD where you can store your most commonly used programs and files for instant recovery, and a hard disk drive for spacious, long-term storage.

Software Upgrades

Software Upgrades that will Improve your Computer’s Performance

Updating your software will keep your computer secure, remove bugs, and give you access to the latest features. Most software updates are written using a particular format: major.minor.revision. For example, 9.3.2. Here’s what each of these numbers mean:

  • Major software updates install a whole new version of the program. These are the most demanding updates. If your hardware is already struggling to keep up, it might be best to avoid major updates until you’ve upgraded your hardware. This is particularly true if you are considering updating your operating system.
  • Minor software updates usually include small new features and optimisations. These should always be installed.
  • Revision software updates are likely to be bug fixes. These should always be installed.

For the most part, software updates are vital. Just be wary of the type of update, and the impact the update could have on your hardware.

Peripheral Upgrades

PC Upgrades that will Improve your Computer’s Performance

If you’re looking for a better PC experience, skip the hardware and experiment with peripheral upgrades. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Invest in a monitor. If you use your laptop at a desk, purchasing a monitor can make a world of difference. You can pick up a quality 24 – 27-inch monitor for a couple of hundred bucks. If you already have a monitor or desktop computer, consider a second monitor. The additional screen real estate is excellent for productivity.
  • Get a bigger desk. Is your desk cramped and covered in clutter? Give it a good clean or pick up a bigger desk.
  • Don’t skimp on your office chair. If you work on a computer for eight hours a day, buy the best office chair you can afford. What’s the use of a speedy PC if you’re uncomfortable?

Professional computer upgrades

Want to upgrade your PC but not sure what to buy or how to install it? We can help. Our team of computer experts can tailor an upgrade solution to your unique needs. Get in contact today on 1300 553 166 or fill out the form on this page, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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