Service Provider LiaisonService Provider Liaison

  • Ever wanted to setup or make changes to your phone or internet plans? Were you unsure exactly what to ask?
  • Do you feel like you could be getting a better deal, but you’re not entirely sure what each bundle includes?
  • Did you end up waiting on hold for over an hour, only to end up more confused than you were in the first place?

Dealing with internet and phone companies can be frustrating and counterproductive, especially when they talk fluent geek-speak, and you don’t. It can be difficult to articulate the problems you have, and get the repairs you need, such as:

  • Fixing a slow or broken internet connection
  • Setting up or changing your internet connection
  • Connecting pay TV
  • Sorting out phone systems
  • Perfect Wi-Fi

Delegate to Us

Save time, and get the results you need.

We will act as your liaison, so you don’t need to spend hours trying to deal with people who speak strange geeky languages. Call us on 1300 553 166 to see how we can help.

Karissa-Charlton“After having internet connection issues for over a month, dealing with Telstra and the ISP on countless occasions, Paul was able to deal with the ISP on my behalf and successfully navigate the issues to get my internet up and running.

Paul went above and beyond, by speaking with the ISP, solving the issue, and also providing advice on other various internet options, which would potentially save me money and provide me with a better internet service. 

I highly recommend Paul, he is punctual, has a methodical approach, and most importantly takes the time to explain the issues that are being experienced.”

Karissa Charlton – Hawthorn