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digital whiteboard
We’ve all heard of traditional whiteboards, but how many of us have actually seen or used a digital whiteboard?

This article delves into what a digital whiteboard is, how to use one, the features and benefits, and how digital whiteboards compare to traditional whiteboards. Discover whether your business can benefit from integrating a digital whiteboard into its daily operations.

What is a digital whiteboard?

Rather than the traditional whiteboard that is literally a whiteboard supported on a stand, the digital variety is a large electronic screen. Users write with a marker pen on original whiteboards, but digital screens respond to either the touch of a fingertip or a special stylus.

You can connect a digital whiteboard to the internet and it comes with computing resources. The best way to visualise it is to think of a digital whiteboard as a giant version of a tablet. Digital whiteboards allow a number of people to work on them at the same time, and due to their size, the information on the screen is readily viewed by an audience.

Some digital whiteboards even come with specially designed software already installed. You also have the option of installing both free and paid tools for specific functions, such as project management and presentation templates.

Learn how to use a digital whiteboard

What happens when you switch your whiteboard on?

Staring out with your new digital whiteboard is similar to when you first start using a tablet. When you switch it on, the software may ask you to choose your preferred language, after which you’ll arrive at the Home screen. This screen features various icons and basic tools. You’ll find a Settings menu, a default web browser, a calendar, a documents folder and more. Keep in mind that different model whiteboards vary in what they offer.

Connect to the internet

In most cases, you’ll want to connect your whiteboard to the internet. You can do this by accessing the Settings menu and selecting your Wi-Fi. Internet access isn’t the only wireless function you’ll see. There are also Bluetooth, Ethernet connections and wireless hotspots.

Connect to a laptop or desktop computer

To make the most out of the functionality of a digital whiteboard, connect the device to a laptop or desktop computer. This is as simple as connecting the two devices via a HDMI cable. If you can’t locate your computer near the whiteboard, you can connect with a wireless transmitter to your source device. Now that you have connected your computer, everything on the computer screen will appear on the whiteboard’s screen. You can control the display from either the digital whiteboard or the computer. It’s also possible to use multiple sources by assigning a name to each one and switching to the desired source as needed. Via USB ports, you can also plug in a mouse and a keyboard.

The sidebar and drawing tools

Usually located down the left-hand side of your digital whiteboard screen, you’ll find a selection of drawing tools. These include a pen and a brush, as well as an Undo button for correcting mistakes. Just like a computer, you can minimise and maximise any screens you have open. This makes switching between tasks and visuals as simple as a mouse click or touch of a fingertip. Familiarise yourself with each function so you fully understand how each tool works.

Download additional tools

You may find you need additional drawing tools and presentation templates and you can easily download both free and paid tools from the internet. This allows your whiteboard to be fully customisable.

The benefits of a digital whiteboard

Let’s now cover just some of the key benefits of integrating a digital whiteboard into your business, no matter what industry you’re in.

User-friendly templates

With inbuilt software and downloadable templates, you’ll have exactly what you need to streamline your business processes and make presentations a breeze. Each template comes with adjustable and logical features, making it easy for everyone to create workflows and visuals without a steep learning curve. This increases productivity and reduces completion time.

No more messy presentations

Traditional whiteboards require scribbling on the board with a special whiteboard pen. The main issue with this is that the writing and visuals often appear scrappy and messy and sometimes hard to read. With a digital whiteboard and the help of templates, your writing and illustrations look professional and legible at all times. Everybody will be able to read the writing on the screen and readily understand what any illustrations represent. Another advantage of a digital screen is that you can zoom in on elements of a workflow or presentation, making it even easier to see.

Increased engagement

Another major benefit of a slick digital whiteboard is that of enhanced audience engagement. In part, this is due to the quality of the presentation. A digital version is also more interactive, meaning anyone in attendance can become more involved.

The benefit of sound

You can easily add sound to your digital presentations, which further increases engagement as well as adding musical elements to tap into people’s emotions. You can add sound effects to emphasise important points.

Improved teamwork and collaboration

As working with a digital whiteboard is a lot more fun and interactive than a traditional one, this encourages teamwork and collaboration. You’ll see an increase in productivity, brainstorming and creativity within your workforce.

Videos and interactive games

Because digital whiteboards are so much more versatile, you can run videos or host interactive games for increased audience participation and engagement. They are perfect for group training sessions, staff meetings, corporate gatherings and more.

Unlimited space

A traditional whiteboard only has a certain amount of usable space before you have to wipe it clean. With a digital version, you have an unlimited canvas to work with.

Save your presentations and workflows

Another limitation of a traditional whiteboard is you can’t save your presentations and workflows. A digital one allows you to save everything you create so the information and visuals are available to use again and again.

Business IT support

As you can clearly see, there are many advantages in transitioning from a traditional whiteboard to the digital variety and the team at Computer Cures is here to assist. We can help you set up your new digital whiteboard and show you how to work it. We also offer a range of business IT support solutions, so contact us today and speak with one of our friendly technicians.

Safari has excellent privacy but limits customizations. Edge is powerful in performance but has too many extensions. Firefox is good for privacy but not compatible with some online tools. What matters most is the needs of your business and the features you want.

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