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online securityThe internet is an essential part of modern life. It’s so important to protect ourselves, our personal information, our privacy, and our children when surfing the web, banking, shopping, and connecting with others.

Navigating the potential risks of the internet can be overwhelming, and implementing an effective online security system can be complicated. We work with you to create a security system that meets your individual needs.

Here are a few possible issues we can address when configuring your personal online security system.

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Protect Your Personal Information

You are unwittingly disclosing personal information online all the time, including your bank details, your address and your contact details. It is part of “the footprint” that you leave as you conduct business or make purchases online.

Unfortunately if this information ends up in the hands of the wrong person, you may be putting yourself at serious risk of identify theft, bank theft, or worse.

We make sure that your computer is protected with the right encrypted protection software, particularly when you are doing online banking etc.

We’ll also show you how to protect your passwords, and several techniques for reducing your online footprint and protecting your privacy.

Protect Your Children

The safety of children is our number one priority, but we can’t always be there, looking over their shoulder as they browse the web. Here’s how we can help you protect your children online:
online security

  • Set up a time curfew across all devices.
  • Filter your web browser for explicit content, including porn, gambling, drugs and violence.
  • Educate your kids on what personal information to keep to themself, and how to spot potential risks.

Protect Yourself on Social Media

Social media is an excellent tool for connecting with friends and family. However the photos, links and check-ins we share could be seen by, well, anyone.

We can update your privacy settings to ensure your social media posts are only seen by those you trust. Plus, we will walk you through the whole process, so you can continue protect yourself on social media, even when privacy settings change.

Be Secure

Protecting yourself and your children from online risks is vital. Give us a call on 1300 553 166, or fill out the form on the top right of this page to find out more about how we can improve your security.

or fill in our online enquiry form today to set up an appointment with a local computer repair technician

Pat-Cashmore“Paul came to my aid when we had a blackout and electrical surge during the night and I was in danger of losing all data on my computer. Paul managed to save everything and was very courteous and extremely patient with an older client who does not understand the technology of computers.

I would recommend him unconditionally. He updated my security, and everything is running very well now.

Thanks Paul.”

Pat Cashmore – Elwood