Data Cabling Installation Melbourne 

Looking to install new data points in your Home or Business?

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  • Have you recently moved to a new home and can’t make heads or tails of all the network cabling?
  • Do you wish your cables were neat, tidy, and labelled?
  • Are you struggling to wrap your head around your home network?
  • Do you have faulty or poorly installed data sockets you need repaired?

The wiring experts at Computer Cures can revolutionise your home or office network. We’ve seen it all before, and there is no mess of cables our dedicated team can’t rearrange, reconfigure, and reorganise.

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Benefits of Data & Ethernet Cabling

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Think the future is wireless? Think again. If you want to squeeze the most value out of your internet connection and home network, professionally installed data points and speedy ethernet cabling are the answer. 

Here are just some of the benefits our customisable data and networking installation services deliver:

  • Hardwire all your devices and peripherals, including:
    • Desktop computers
    • Home theatre equipment, such as smart TVs, Apple TVs, and Foxtel boxes
    • Gaming consoles, including PlayStation and Xbox
    • SONOS speakers
    • Business-grade wireless equipment
    • NAS servers
    • Multi-function printers
  • Install VoIP handsets throughout your home or office
  • Give your wi-fi superpowers by making it faster, more reliable, and extending its signal using business-grade access points 
  • Connect your home network to your CCTV or security camera systems for total peace of mind
  • Future-proof your home for crazy-fast gigabit internet speeds
  • Give your garage, granny flat, or other outbuilding access to your home network
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Our tailored installation processes

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No two properties are alike, and we don’t believe in cutting corners or sub-par cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, we undertake a rigorous assessment and installation process that’s 100 per cent tailored to meet your unique needs and your property’s logistical challenges. 

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: We assess your property to determine whether you have crawl space in your roof or below your floor.

Step 2: We examine the structure of your property, focusing on areas with double brick, concrete, metal beams, and existing wiring. 

Step 3: We discuss your needs and review your devices before providing personalised recommendations on the ideal place to install your new data sockets. 

Step 4: Our licensed cablers will install your cables with razor-sharp precision and attention to detail. They will also professionally terminate sockets and label both the socket and patch panel.

Step 5: We will connect your devices to the new network and test for connectivity issues. We will optimise your network for maximum speed, efficiency, and ease of use.

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Data & Network Cabling Troubleshooting (fault finding)

Our cabling specialists can also identify, locate, and repair faulty or broken data sockets and patch panels. 

We have seen our fair share of data sockets that have been installed sloppily or incorrectly by electricians. Often, they haven’t terminated the wall socket properly, or they’ve left huge, messy, stress-inducing piles of cables falling out of the wall. 

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home with inadequate or nightmarish cabling, or your family has complicated wiring problems and needs high-speed networking for their devices, we can help:

  • First, we attend your property and trace any faults with your existing wiring and data sockets.
  • Second, we locate any untested sockets, which are dangerous and concerningly common.
  • And third, we use leading-edge tools to test and trace your sockets and re-terminate for NBN. 

Poor NBN installation and NBN relocation

NBN contractors don’t exactly have a flawless reputation. Quite the opposite – they are known for installing NBN connections in inconvenient and plain bizarre locations like bedrooms and beside the front door. We also see NBN connections in impossible-to-reach places like metal boxes or at the very back of a home.

It doesn’t make sense to you, and it doesn’t make sense to us. We can make your life easier by fixing any shoddy installation work and relocating your NBN connection to a more suitable place in your home, like your study, under the stairs, in a cupboard, or in a custom-made cabinet. 

We’ll get the wires out of your bedroom, cleaned, and organised, so you can relax after a long day without staring at a pile of cables.

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Server Rack Installations

messy cablesUnclutter your cables and networking equipment with a sleek, professional server rack, ideal for advanced home and business networks. 

We can install a server rack in your garage, attic, walk-in wardrobe, study, spare bedroom, or any corner of your property that’s easy to access yet out of sight. 

Depending on your network, we can provide, set up, organise, and label your networking equipment in a small, medium, or large rack. 

If you already have a server rack or your home has one pre-installed, we can give it a makeover by cleaning up your cables and removing outdated equipment.

Optimise your network today

The licensed cabling experts at Computer Cures are ready to install your professional home or office network, including all Cat6 cabling, data sockets, and network setup and configuration. We can manage both basic and advanced networks, including those requiring highly specialised fault finding and repairs.

Don’t attempt this work yourself. Trust the experts, and reap the rewards of a fast, streamlined network. With years of experience working on all types of homes and businesses, we have the knowledge and tools to revolutionise how your home’s tech functions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The main differences between the various types of data cabling are the maximum transfer speeds they can handle. Cat5 maximum speed is 100Mbps, Cat5e is 1000Mbs, and Cat6 can handle up to 10 gigabit speeds. Most electricians currently use Cat6 cabling.
Yes, we use special tools which allow us to trace all the data points. We will then label them for you, in every room and the patch panel. If there are any faults with any data sockets, we will repair them.
Yes, give us a call on 1300 533 166, as we will need more background about your property; is it single or double storey? Where is your NBN modem located? Would you like perfect wifi coverage? Does your house have crawl space or space inside the roof? Once we have all the background information, we will then guide you through the process.
Yes, it is not uncommon to have wiring issues in your home. We find about 50% of homes have some wiring issues that needs to be resolved. It may be as simple are re-terminating the socket or there may be a more complex fault that needs to be repaired.
Yes, this can be done. We have done this in older apartments in Port Melbourne. This involves re-wiring certain sockets and re-terminating them. The maximum speeds possible are 100Mbps, when reusing old telephone cables.
First, we need to assess your property to understand your network, needs and wifi requirements. From there we can install a professional router and switch that will handle your internet, wifi and devices. It will also be future-proofed and be able to handle gigabit speeds.
This is a common problem for a lot of our customers, as they build up cables by adding more devices, to their home network. We can streamline all your cables and make it super neat.

Most ISPs and NBN contractors leave quite a mess, when installing new modems or internet connections. We shorten all the cables, hide them, and then label them making it easier to manage for the future.

Yes, we have a lot of experience installing server racks, both in homes and businesses. We will need to come onsite to assess your rack and equipment and clean it up for you. 80% of sever racks are not installed correctly and require specialised skills to install properly.
We need to perform a comprehensive wifi assessment and audit of your premises. From that we will be able to provide a solution to resolve all your wifi issues. We have a 100% success rate on all our wifi & networking jobs. To read more about our Wi-Fi services click here: