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Very professional, extremely competent and a strong and caring customer focus


Paul has supported me for many months now and I have always found him a big asset to me. A few weeks ago he evaluated my needs going forward and arranged the purchase of a new Apple 13 inch MacBook Pro and a 27 inch iMac along with updated software, cloud back-up and new software security. The new systems are excellent and Paul did a great job in installing everything and personally had the necessary discussions with the various entities involved. I could not be happier and will gladly talk to anyone who wants a reference about his services. We will also be dealing with my NBN installation when available in my area plus a file co-ordination exercise involving my Samsung Galaxy phone and the new computers to improve the efficiency of my systems. I travel overseas with my portable computers, and Paul will make my work even more efficient.

Daryl Reilly

Response from Computer Cures

Thanks Daryl for your kind review. Its been a pleasure doing IT work for you for the past three years. Thanks for being a loyal customer of Computer Cures.

Knows his stuff. Very service oriented


Highly professional, responds to requests promptly, has always found a way to fix my problems, gives thoughtful and helpful advice on how to prevent problems – and never loses patience with a computer idiot (me). Dr. Paul Nisselle. Has an extraordinary depth of knowledge,

Dr Paul Nisselle

Response from Computer Cures

Hi Dr. Nisselle, Thank You for your kind review. Its been a pleasure helping you with your computer and home networking issues over the years. I am glad you have been pleased with my service.

Finally someone who knows!


I had problem with slow internet for around 3 years and spend thousands of trying to fix it. Paul was super persistent and managed to locate the problem and I am now enjoying my internet!


Response from Computer Cures

Thanks Edward for your kind review. Your home networking jobs have been extremely tricky, but I am so pleased I have been able to resolve everything perfectly for you and your family.

Computer now 7 times faster than ever before and no more crashes


As a business owner I need a fast computer, and my 4 year old laptop was running very very slowly and crashing several times a day. It would take 7 minutes just to start up! Not any more – it’s lightning fast – about 7 times faster – after Paul put in a new hard drive, cleaned the clogged fan and did some magic with the settings. It doesn’t crash any more, and he even got the video camera to work, which it hasn’t for years. He did it very quickly and cost effectively, and I now accomplish so much more every day. Thanks so much for making this a quick and painless process. I am absolutely delighted. Annette Welsford, CEO, Commonsense Marketing.

Annette Welsford

Response from Computer Cures

Hi Annette, Thanks so much for your review. I am so pleased we were able to upgrade your laptop, with an SSD hard drive to make it super fast again. I have done close to 70 of these upgrades, and the speed difference still amazes me. I am so pleased your are enjoying your laptop again.

Paul fixed my website access problem


After a Firefox update I was unable to access my regularly used websites. Paul did a great job of working the problem out remotely (via Teamviewer). His response to my call for help was prompt and effective. He is a Wizz.

Terry Wallish

Response from Computer Cures

Hi Terry, Thanks for your feedback and review. I am pleased we were able to resolve that annoying error message. Thanks for being a loyal customer of Computer Cures.


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