Data Cabinet and Server Rack Installations

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  • Are you sick and tired of looking at messy networking equipment, or have you been disappointed by previous contractors leaving a mess of cables in your home or business?
  • Do you want to keep all your equipment in a secure location, so it can’t be tampered with?
  • Do you have an existing data cabinet that needs to be cleaned up?

We can definitely help!

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Why you need a data cabinet or server rack

A data cabinet (also known as a server rack) is a physical cabinet that’s either floor or wall mounted to store networking devices and equipment such as:

  • Networking switches and patch panels
  • NBN modems and routers
  • Fibre optic internet equipment.
  • Rackmount Network Attached Storage (NAS) units
  • Rackmount Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) units
  • Servers, desktops, laptops and monitors
  • Audio visual equipment (such as SONOS amps)
  • Security camera systems (such as NVRs)
  • Power distribution
  • Wireless equipment

Data cabinets are ideal for homes and businesses that have complex networks or a lot of equipment that needs to be stored and managed easily. They come in various sizes, so it’s important to use a professional installer such as Computer Cures, to ensure you receive the right recommendation and professional installation to cater for your existing and future needs.

Benefits of having a professionally installed data cabinet

In your office

  • Easy to add, repair and replace equipment (including network devices such as wifi access points, switches, firewalls) as your business grows or as technology changes.
  • Increased security and performance, as a server rack is fully lockable with improved airflow.
  • Business grade internet connections, such as Fibre Optic Internet, can be terminated directly into your server rack, and ethernet sockets can be terminated directly into the server rack via a patch panel, making it easy to connect office equipment to the network.

 In your home

  • Visually appealing way to store all your equipment in one central lockable location, labeled and easy to manage.
  • Easy to add and customize equipment in the future.
  • Can be installed in attics, garages, sheds, studies, under stairs, etc.
  • Ability to provide additional cooling (using cooling fan kits) for your equipment
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Data cabinet installation

Computer Cures installs 2-3 new server cabinets of various sizes every week for clients, and we work with both home and business customers.

Assessment and planning for new server cabinets

First, we visit your home or business and perform a network and server cabinet audit. This includes looking at the structure of your property and seeing the best position and size for a data cabinet; for a home installation this could include wall mounting in a study, garage, placing it in an attic or other custom space.

Next we discuss your current and future network and wifi needs and take note of your existing equipment, which may include CCTV/Security camera equipment, NBN modem, network switches, and other equipment.

From this assessment, we provide a data cabinet recommendation, including a project plan for installation.

Assessment of existing server cabinets

Data cabinets that haven’t been professionally installed can be hazardous.  If there are live electrical cables, cabling not terminated to professional standards, or redundant equipment housed in them, this can be a potential fire hazard.  If the cabling looks like a tangled mess of spaghetti, it makes it quite difficult for a technician to find and diagnose equipment or network faults.

It’s important to get these issues sorted sooner rather than later, as it can become quite expensive to fix hardware faults in a messy rack, particularly if there’s no network diagram or labeling.

Our qualified network engineers will visit and assess your existing data cabinet and give you recommendations on the best course of action. This can include a full cable clean-up, removing dated and unnecessary equipment, labeling all current equipment, fixing wiring faults, and  optimisation of your server rack.

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Professional server rack and data cabinet projects

data cabinetUrgent project – a data cabinet relocation project

When a local business was given short notice to move premises, they called us in to ensure that their equipment and network was up and running quickly once it was moved. We installed a full-sized server cabinet and services, which included:

  • Patch Panel
  • Router
  • Switch
  • Cable management
  • Cabling
  • NBN connection
  • 4G Backup
  • Wi-Fi
  • 12 Bay Synology NAS
  • Custom cooling
  • UPS
  • Flexible shelving
  • Network configuration
  • Printer installation
  • Desktop configuration

Secure wall mounted data cabinet and networking project

As part of a new office fit out for a psychologist’s office, we installed a small lockable wall mounted data cabinet, with NBN wireless throughout the office building (roof mounted wireless units) and custom network configuration.


Professionally installed data cabinets for your home or office

Don’t risk installing a data cabinet or server rack yourself. Protect what matters most with a high-quality, professional-grade installation that’s custom built to meet your home or business needs. Speak with the qualified network engineers at Computer Cures on 1300 553 166 today.

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