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As more of us find ourselves working from home, our reliance on technology, especially our Macs, has never been greater. Known for their high quality and outstanding features, they stand out as the go-to choice for many.

But there’s more to your device than meets the eye. Beyond the obvious, several tweaks and adjustments hidden beneath its sleek surface can help improve its performance.

In this article, we’ll discuss simple yet effective IT hacks designed to boost its performance. These tips will help ensure your work-from-home experience is smooth, efficient, and free from common tech hiccups.

Let’s get going!

Optimizing System Startup and Login

Optimizing your Mac’s startup and login boosts how quickly you can start working each day. Turning off auto-launching apps is a great start. For example, Discord might be set to open automatically on some Macs.

However, you can make your device run smoother by turning this feature off from the system settings. If you’re not sure how to do it, searching for ‘how to turn off discord auto launch mac‘ will guide you through the simple steps. In addition, managing your login items or the apps that open automatically also helps.

By choosing only essential apps to auto-launch, your Mac boots up faster and runs more efficiently, making your work-from-home experience better.

Streamlining Email and Communication Apps

Keeping your email and communication tools like Slack or Teams tidy is key to working smoothly. Start by organizing your email inbox. Create folders for different projects or topics, and delete or archive old emails.

This makes finding important messages quicker and helps your email app run faster. In apps like Slack or Teams, use channels or groups smartly. Stick to relevant topics in each one to avoid confusion and keep conversations clear.

By doing these simple things, you’ll cut down on time spent searching through messages and improve your focus. This way, staying on top of your work and communicating effectively becomes much easier and more efficient.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts and Trackpad Gestures

Learning keyboard shortcuts and customizing trackpad gestures on your device can greatly enhance your efficiency. Keyboard shortcuts allow you to perform tasks with a few key presses, saving time and reducing the need to navigate menus.

For instance, using Command + Option + D hides or shows the Dock, and Control + Command + Q quickly locks your screen. These are shortcuts that aren’t commonly known but are incredibly useful. Customizing trackpad gestures lets you navigate your computer or manage tasks swiftly, like using three fingers to swipe between full-screen apps.

These small adjustments help in making it work faster and more smoothly, streamlining your workflow and boosting productivity with less effort.

Leveraging Cloud Services and External Storage

Using cloud services and external drives helps keep its hard drive clean, which is great for working from home efficiently. Cloud storage lets you save files online so your device doesn’t get bogged down with too much stuff.

This means it can run faster and smoother, especially when you’re using big apps or doing lots of tasks at once. External drives are perfect for saving big files or backups. They take the heavy lifting off your computer’s shoulders, making it quicker for you to work on important projects without slowdowns.

Plus, having backups on an external drive keeps your work safe. By keeping its hard drive less crowded, everything runs better.

Conducting Regular System Maintenance

Regular system maintenance on your device is vital for keeping it running smoothly and efficiently. You can do this in several ways, such as using Disk Utility to check for and fix disk errors or clearing cache files to free up space.

Likewise, regularly updating your macOS and installed applications is another crucial step. These updates not only bring new features but also patch security vulnerabilities and fix bugs that could affect its performance.

Neglecting updates and maintenance can lead to various problems. Your Mac might become slower, applications could start crashing, and you might even become vulnerable to security threats.

Regular maintenance ensures your Mac remains fast, secure, and free of glitches, supporting your workflow and productivity without unexpected hiccups.


With these straightforward IT hacks, you’re now equipped to transform your Mac into a powerhouse of productivity for your work-from-home journey. Remember, the key to sustained performance and efficiency lies in incorporating these practices into your daily routine. Let your Mac work as hard for you as you do in your remote work, ensuring a seamless, productive day every day. Here’s to making the most of your Mac and elevating your work-from-home setup to new heights!

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