Security Camera Installation Melbourne

Looking for CCTV security cameras?

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  • Do you live in a high crime neighbourhood?
  • Have your neighbours’ homes been robbed while they were away?
  • Do you want peace of mind knowing your home or business is protected 24/7?

You’re not alone. With crime rates in Victoria up 4.2 per cent year-on-year, many singles, couples, families, and business owners are looking for effective ways to protect their properties, vehicles, belongings, and themselves.

Studies have shown that CCTV and security camera installation successfully deters would-be criminals from burglarising a home or commercial premise. And advances in digital technologies have made these effective defence measures more affordable and easier to use than ever.

The team at Computer Cures provides flexible security camera systems for both residential and business customers.

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CCTV Installation Services for Home & Business


CCTV and security cameras protect what matters: your home, your livelihood, and your family. Here are some of the benefits of expertly installed security systems:

  • Criminals that see active security cameras surrounding a property are more likely to move on
  • Quality security cameras record during the day and night, with night vision cameras providing exceptional clarity
  • You can view footage captured on your security camera or CCTV anywhere at any time on your iPhone or Android phone
  • Get real-time notifications of detected movement so that you can respond
  • Store one month’s footage or more
  • Easily customise your security system to suit your property – more cameras can be added indoors and outdoors in the future if needed
  • In the unfortunate event your house is robbed, damaged, or vandalised, footage can be given to the police to help prosecute the offender

CCTV Installation Melbourne


More effective than a guard dog, security camera systems and CCTV (closed-circuit television) have skyrocketed in popularity among residential and commercial customers looking to minimise the risk of burglary, vandalism, and worse.

Security camera installation involves hardwiring cameras in strategic locations outside of your home or business. The goal is to discourage criminals, improve safety, and give residents, family members, and employees total peace of mind.

A professional CCTV camera system also includes hardwired security cameras. In addition, it comprises of an NVR recording device and remote viewing, meaning you can watch live and recorded footage from your smartphone.

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Types of Security Cameras

We can all agree that safety is paramount, but the best strategy for achieving optimal security differs between properties. Our business and home security experts can help you select the right security cameras or CCTV system.

We offer the following types of cameras:

  • IP cameras
  • Bullet cameras
  • Dome cameras
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras
  • Wireless Security Cameras
  • Video doorbells and intercoms

Professional Security Camera Installation

When the stakes are this high, you need professional-grade tech that you can rely on. The systems we provide deliver the following game-changing features:

  • High-resolution image and exceptional video clarity (both 1080p and 4k)
  • Clear night vision
  • Wide-angle lenses and clear field of vision
  • Red ‘night light’ and infrared extension
  • Optical zoom
  • Motion sensing
  • Built-in microphone for recording sound
  • Ability to view your security cameras on your TV

Do I need an NVR?

A network video recorder (NVR) is a device that records camera footage. A basic NVR has one hard drive; higher-end models have up to four internal hard drives. An NVR plugs into your network (usually into your NBN modem or networking switch) and communicates with your cameras via your internet modem/router.

Special hard drives must be used when installing NVRs. Because they record information 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the incorrect hard drive may not cope, causing it to fail.

To avoid hard drive failure, we recommend you use a RAID-based NVR. With a backup drive, these allow you to record more footage with less risk.

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CCTV & Security Camera Installation

Your security is our top priority, and we perform a detailed analysis of your property to strategically plan and install a highly effective system. Here’s a quick breakdown of our tailored installation process:

  1. First, we visit your home or business and perform a full CCTV camera audit. We examine the structure of your property, determine if there is a roof crawl space or space under your floors, assess the walls, and explore the layout.
  2. We then share our recommended installation strategy with you, discuss your security needs, and gain your input on camera positioning. We explain the fields of vision of each camera, so you can understand the areas of your home that will be recorded.
  3. We evaluate your home network to ensure your internet speeds can handle the new security camera system. We’ll assess each component of your network – wiring, other hardware, existing connection, and Wi-Fi – to ensure your new system runs smoothly.
  4. We expertly install your custom CCTV system. Afterwards, we will sit down with you and show you how to operate your cameras and view the footage. You enjoy total peace of mind.

Need Your Old Security Cameras Replaced?

remote viewing security cameras

If you have a security system over ten years old, it may be obsolete. Your cameras may be using out-of-date coaxial cables and recording terrible quality images and videos – if they record anything at all.

Often, old digital video recorders (DVRs) have failed hard drives, and homeowners don’t find out until it’s too late, and an incident has occurred. What’s more, analogue camera systems aren’t always compatible with today’s NBN and networking devices and are typically prone to dropping out.

Think about it this way: you wouldn’t watch a movie on a VHS. Why leave something as important as your home in the hands of old technology?

We can upgrade your old security system with leading-edge tech that’ll provide years of protection.

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Security Camera Installation Melbourne

Don’t risk installing security cameras yourself. Protect what matters most with a high-quality, professional-grade CCTV system that delivers 24/7 peace of mind. Call in the team of security experts at Computer Cures on 1300 553 166 today for a fully customised security system that won’t let you down.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The different types of cameras include dome cameras, bullet cameras, indoor & outdoor cameras, night vision cameras, PTZ cameras and IP cameras.
4K cameras provide four times (4X) the resolution of standard 1080p cameras. This allows faces to be clearly seen and allows you to be able to zoom in (while watching footage). 4K Cameras also allow the recording of larger areas. We generally recommend installing 4k cameras in your front yard (one pointed on incoming traffic, and one in front of your garage, or inside your car port), and 1080p cameras in the backyard.
Yes, number plates can be easily seen but, this is dependent on the camera’s location.
Yes, all 4K cameras we install, include IR (Infra-Red Night Vision). Additional night vision lights can be used, to extend night vision by 50 metres.
Yes, all the cameras we install, also record high quality audio. The microphones on the cameras are so sensitive, they can pick up your neighbours opening and closing doors, and people talking in the street.
Yes, we do all types of retail, commercial and office fit outs. We have worked on brand new construction, and renovations. Speak to us to have a chat about your project. We do business, residential, and commercial work.
Yes, we install video doorbells that alert you on your smart phone when somebody has arrived on the front door. And when somebody pushes the doorbell, your iPhone will ring, and you will be able to communicate. You can answer, the door while at work, interstate or even overseas.
Yes, all live and recorded footage is available on your iPhone, iPad, or computer and available at any time.
Yes, we install wireless security cameras. We will asses your wifi first, and once your wifi is perfect we can look at installing wireless security cameras.
Yes, we can setup your security cameras and NVR to display all the cameras views on all your smart TV’s, Apple TV’s, iPhones, iPads, PCs & Macs.
An NVR is a device that has an internal hard drive and records all your security camera footage. The size of the hard drive will depend on how many cameras you choose and quality of the recording (1080p or 4K).
Yes, we setup your iPhone or Android phone to receive instant notifications when any motion is detected. You can then review this at any time.

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