Apple Mac Computer Clean Up

Has your Mac been getting slower and slower over time? Are you sick and tired of that spinning rainbow wheel? Do you suspect your MacBook or iMac is overloaded with junk?

Don’t waste time with a slow computer any longer. Instead, get in contact with our team of Mac experts and we can perform a professional Mac clean up.

What you can expect from a professional Mac clean up

A quality Mac clean up will improve many facets of your Mac’s performance. Here are just some of the improvements you can expect:

  • Faster load times. Waiting around for your Mac to load? We can speed things up so you can get on with your day.
  • Extended lifespan. Give your hard drive a break. Our clean up service will extend the lifespan of your Mac.
  • More free space. Expect more space for photos, music, and other files.
  • Program performance boost. Increase your productivity with programs that load fast.

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What about free Mac tune up programs?

Chances are, you’ve come across a whole bunch of free Mac tune up programs available for download that claim to clean up and speed up your computer. Here’s our professional advice: avoid them.

A significant number of these tools are scams – they simply do not do what they say they will. Instead, they scare you into purchasing a costly product or install a potentially damaging virus onto your computer.

Do not download ‘Mac Keeper’ or ‘AVG Mac Cleaner’. These are difficult to remove, and are known to make Macs unstable.

Our team has more than a decade of experience testing Mac software. We are more than happy to recommend reliable and effective Mac cleaning programs, so get in contact.

Benefits of professional Mac clean up services

Engaging with a Mac specialists with no doubt yield better results than even the best clean up programs on the market. Here are just three of many benefits:

  1. A customised clean up process. Every Mac computer is different, and so requires different clean up processes. We can tailor our service for maximum effectiveness.
  2. We look for underlying problems. No band-aid solutions here. We find the cause, and explain everything to you in plain English.
  3. Our clean up is comprehensive. And, we always teach you the benefits of what we are doing.
or fill in our online enquiry form today to set up an appointment with a local mac repair technician

How we speed up your Mac

Whatever your computer issues, we can expertly find the root of the problem and make meaningful changes that’ll leave your Mac running fast.

Here are seven of the computer tweaks we make to boost the speed of you Mac.

  1. Remove login details you don’t need
  2. Uninstall old and outdated software
  3. Free up hard drive space by removing old emails, photos, iPhone backups, duplicate files, browsing history, old junk files, installer programs, and downloads
  4. Clean up your cluttered desktop
  5. Turn off browser extensions and clean up your internet browser cache
  6. Remove unused language packs
  7. Update your Mac to the latest OS X

These seven points are just a start. All our services are tailored to your specific Mac problems.

Speed up your Mac

Don’t waste time with a slow Mac. Get in contact with our team for a comprehensive, tailored clean up service that’ll transform your computer’s performance. Call on 1300 553 166 or fill out the form on this page, and we’ll be in touch.

or fill in our online enquiry form today to set up an appointment with a local mac repair technician
Knowledgeable, Efficient and Courteous

“Adam helped us enormously when he ironed out the many challenging issues we had with our computer. A warning sign had come up on the screen with regards to a connection with an HP Printer – which had been replaced long ago with an Epson.
This warning featured technical language which we found difficult to understand, let alone follow the given instructions. Adam was able to rectify the situation in a very short time and gave us a clear explanation of the problem. He then re-calibrated the set up of the computer according to our requirements, making it far easier for us to work efficiently.

Despite us being computer illiterate, Adam was anything but condescending, quick to grasp the situation causing us difficulties and to remedy them in a most affable and courteous manner. We are most grateful and highly recommend him to anyone having computer problems.”

Mark Stankiewicz, Brighton