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Terms & Conditions  


  1. Computer Cures accepts payments by Visa, Mastercard or Eftpos, cheques are not accepted.
  2. If you have a Computer Cures pre-approved account – all invoices must be paid within 7 days.
  3. All equipment and parts must be pre-paid in full before delivery (all parts belong to ‘All Round IT Services Pty Ltd’ until payment is received in full.
  4. Call out fees may be applied at rates dependent on location of your suburb.

Price & Payments:

  1. Upon job completion and customer signature, customer accepts pricing and scope of works for labour and hardware.
  2. All prices are final, and no discounts are provided.
  3. Computer Cures will not price match, provide refunds or partial refunds due to change of mind – (this includes buyer’s remorse, changing your mind, or finding services or hardware cheaper somewhere else)


  1. All labour includes a 30-day warranty period for issues or omissions caused by Computer Cures.
  2. All Parts and equipment (purchased through Computer Cures) includes a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty period.
  3. All hard drives include a standard 12 month warranty. This warranty is for the part only, and does not include any installation, software, data cloning or data transfers.
  4. All laptop batteries sold by Computer Cures include a 6-month warranty.
  5. All workshop & hardware repairs come with a 3-month warranty.
  6. All software installed by Computer Cures is provided with a 14-day labour warranty, however we do not warrant that the operation of any software or service will be uninterrupted or error free.
  7. Warranty does not include any technical issues caused by 3rd parties such as contractors, faulty software, faulty hardware, or faulty wiring, etc.
  8. If Computer Cures attends a warranty issue and discovers the issue is caused by a 3rd party and is outside our control. We will charge $150 per hour, for investigation and attempt to resolve the issue (if it is possible)
  9. If Computer Cures attends a warranty issue, and discovers any equipment, software, applications or devices are being misused, and instructions have not been followed correctly, or software settings have been changed, we will charge $150 per hour, to resolve any issues, and bring the systems back to their original state.
  10. If Computer Cures provides any phone support for a warranty issue and discovers that the issue is caused by cables that have been unplugged, internet drop outs, NBN issues, or re-configuration of any equipment we will charge $150 per hour for all support.
  11. Computer Cures does not record or store any customer security information such as usernames or passwords. Securing such information is sole customer’s responsibility.
  12. Computer Cures does not provide any warranty for loss of data. Repairing computers and related hardware comes with inherent risks. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the safety of your data, we make no warranties or guarantees, either expressly or implied, that your data will not be damaged during a computer repair or hardware upgrade.


  1. Computer Cures will not be liable for any issues caused by faults due to Microsoft Windows or Apple OSX software updates. This includes any updates to mobile devices
  2. Computer Cures will not be liable for any data loss caused by faulty hardware, faulty software, faulty backups, or lack of system maintenance, or external factors such as fire, theft, water damage, etc.
  3. Please note that maintaining and keeping your systems secure is the sole responsibility of the customer. Computer Cures will not be liable for any virus infection, security breach (ie: being hacked), identity theft, ransomware infection or internet/phone scams.
  4. Please note that anti-virus software may not provide 100% reliable protection against the latest computer virus infection.
  5. Computer Cures is not responsible for any damage caused by power outages, power surges, faulty power boards, electrical storms, flooding, or water damage
  6. Computer Cures is not responsible for any maintenance or reconnection of alarm systems or security cameras.
  7. You agree, to the extend permitted by Law (including the Australia Consumer Law), we will not be liable to you (whether in contract, negligence or otherwise) for any:
  8. – Interruption in business;
  9. – Loss of revenue, profits or business reputation;
  10. – Delays of service distruptions;
  11. – Loss, alteration or corruption of data, software, media;
  12. – Viruses or systems failures; or
  13. – Events beyond our reasonable control
  14. We are also not liable to the extent any loss:
  15. (a) is caused by you (for example, through your negligence or breach of contract);
  16. (b) results from your failure to follow our advice or reasonable directions or to take reasonable steps to avoid or minimise your loss.

3rd Party Contractors:

  1. When required by customers, we will recommend reputable contractors such as electricians, audio visual companies, antennas installers, and other contractors to help assist or complete a job. Computer Cures is not liable for any disputes that arise between the 3rd parties and the customer. This can include disputes over job costings/quotes, property damage, or incorrectly installed equipment.
  2. It is the client’s full responsibility to give all the required information to the contractor on what is required to complete the job. Computer Cures is not responsible for any miscommunication which causes problems with the job.
  3. Computer Cures is not liable for any costs associated with work performed by 3rd party contractors, and the billing relationship is entirely between the customer and the 3rd party. 

3rd Party Equipment:

  1. Computer Cures is not responsible or liable for any third party equipment, this can be (but not limited to) CCTV, security camera systems, alarms, doorbells, intercoms, automated blinds, automated gates, garage doors, and other home automation systems.
  2. Computer Cures is not responsible for any third party faulty equipment or faulty wiring in a customer’s premises.
  3. In the event that Computer Cures is required replace or re-program third party equipment, this will be considered “out of scope” works and will be charged at our standard hourly rate.
  4. Computer Cures gives no warranty that third party equipment will function normally or without issues. This is the responsibility of the original contractor or installer.
  5. Computer Cures is not liable or responsible for any medical devices or medical monitoring devices used on a customer’s premises.
  6. Computer Cures does not provide any support, service, or warranty for customers IP TV streaming units. This may include (but is not limited to), pirate TV streaming service boxes or Apps on Smart TVs. Computer Cures will not install or service these boxes and customers use these boxes or services at their own risk.


  1. WIFI equipment and installations can have interference from the following: microwave ovens, 4G/5G cell phone towers, neighbouring WIFI signals, building and construction materials, such as metal bars, metal sheeting, double brick, concrete, tiles, water, swimming pools, certain paints, etc.
  2. Computer Cures recommends that all networking and wifi installations include hardwiring/data cabling all equipment. Our WIFI systems are designed to work on ethernet cabling. If you decide to forgo ethernet cabling and use a ‘Mesh-Uplink’ system, this will decrease performance and can make the system unstable. Computer Cures is not responsible for any poor performance of a mesh-uplink system (as we do not recommend the system being installed in this way)
  3. Computer Cures is not responsible for any internet related dropouts. This includes, (but is not limited to) faults with your NBN connection, NBN maintenance in your area, faulty (ISP provided) modems or poor speeds from your internet provider. Computer Cures may assist in the fault finding and diagnosis, however there will be a charge of $150 per hour.
  4. Computer Cures is not responsible for any (existing or newly installed) ethernet cabling or wall sockets. Any issues with cabling must be dealt with the original contractor that did the cabling installation. Computer Cures may assist in the fault finding and diagnosis, and even recommend a contractor to rectify any faults, however we will charge $150 per hour to investigate.
  5. Computer Cures does use testing equipment to screen for any data socket or cabling faults. These screening tests may not be 100% accurate and may require a follow up visit by a registered data cabler or electrician for further testing.
  6. All wifi installations are a ‘Best Effort’ service, this means we cannot guarantee the final wifi speeds you will receive due to double brick walls, concrete and the size your property. Our initial wifi audit and assessment will take this into consideration, however there will be some speed drop due to double brick walls, and distance between wifi units.
  7. Computer Cures is not responsible for any poor performance related to 3rd party software suppliers, such as CISCO Webex, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and any other online software. (this also includes any outages of the above software)
  8. Computer Cures is not responsible for any software or firmware updates performed by a customer after the final installation of a wifi/network system. We do not recommend performing any further software updates, as newer firmware may be unstable and causes future issues with your system.
  9. Computer Cures does not recommend the use of ‘powerline adapters’, these units are prone to dropping out and can give unstable speeds. In the event a customer is using powerline adapters, we give no warranty and we highly recommend hard wiring/ethernet cabling as a reliable alternative.
  10. Computer Cures does not provide any warranty for wireless systems installed by other contractors/companies, this includes access points, cabling, switches, routers, racks and data cabling.


  1. Computer Cures does not provide any warranty for Google G Suite email accounts technical issues and/or problems. All technical issues are the sole responsible of Google directly. Computer Cures no longer provides any technical support for Google G Suite email accounts due to the product being unstable when installed inside Microsoft Outlook.
  2. As per google guidelines, Google provides a G Suite Sync Tool, however we make no guarantees this tool will work correctly. Computer Cures is not responsible or liable for any ongoing issues with Google G Suite or the Google G Suite Sync Tool.
  3. Email Providers such as Telstra, Optus, iiNet and others may at any time change email account server settings, which can cause issues with customer email accounts. Computer Cures is not responsible for any disruption or interruption to ISP or free email accounts such as Gmail or Yahoo based accounts.
  4. Computer Cures will attend email warranty issues, free of charge if it is found the technician did not use the correct email settings or overlooked a setting. However, if the issue is found to be on the ISP or email hosting provider end, there is a charge of $150 per hour.


  1. Computer Cures does not support, service, supply or install any accounting software packages, such as MYOB, Quicken, Reckon, Xero.
  2. Computer Cures, provides no warranty on accounting software packages, and recommends you contact your local bookkeeper or accountant for assistance.
  3. Computer Cures is not responsible for any accounting software data, or backup issues.
  4. Computer Cures does not provide any support or service for pirated software. Computer Cures will always recommend the use and installation of legitimate software licenses. Pirated software or programs may contain viruses or malware. Customers use this software at their own risk.

Same Day Service:

  1. In most cases we can provide same day service. However, this may sometimes not be possible due to high demand for services or unexpected staffing issues.


  1. If you give us less than 24 hours’ notice to cancel an onsite service, we may charge you a cancellation fee of $75, as we lose the ability to service other customers, and incur expenses.


  1. All computers and peripherals dropped off at our workshop will incur an assessment fee. This fee is payable on the day of drop off, before work commences. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Eftpos or Cash as payment.

Parking Expenses:

  1. If you are unable to provide free parking at a convenient distance from your home or business address, we reserve the right to on-charge parking expenses.