Equipment Setup

multi-deviceGetting new equipment like a new computer or TV or tablet – even a new phone – is exciting, but can be a little daunting when it comes to setting things up to work properly. Often the manufacturer’s instructions are either too brief, or way too detailed – and they always seem to have been written in a strange language.

Don’t worry. We’re here to help. We’ll take away the stress of setting up your new equipment by making sure it’s running perfectly and showing you how to use it.

Computer Setup

Here’s what we recommend for the setup of your new computer:

  • Update operating system: Even though your computer is new, it may have been manufactured several months ago and not have the latest operating system installed (Windows or OS X). Outdated versions of operating systems can affect performance, so we’ll make sure the latest updates and patches have been installed.
  • Remove unwanted trialware: Most new computers come with pre-installed trialware (free trial software) that you’ll probably never use. We can go through and delete this trialware, which will help eliminate annoying pop-up windows and speed up the start-up and shut-down processes.
  • System recovery discs: We’ll create a system recovery disc. This will allow us to restore your important files and programs in the event that your computer had a software or hardware failure in the future. And believe me, this can happens so easily. One knock or coffee spill or power surge – is all it takes sometimes.
  • Optimise start-up: We can optimise your computer settings to speed up the start-up process.

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Mobile Device Setup

Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, are becoming more and more powerful and complex. Here’s what we recommend for the setup of your new mobile device:

  • Install and setup programs: Do you want to send and receive emails? Read eBooks? Listen to music? Watch movies? Browse the web? Create documents? We can help with these requests and more, by installing the required software and apps and showing you how to use it.
  • Sync all your devices: Syncing your mobile devices with your desktop or laptop means that whatever you do on one device will show up on the others. For example, if you’re working on a document on your computer, you can continue to work on that same document on your tablet. If you want to stay in touch via emails and social media on all your devices – we’ll set that up for you too.
  • Talk you through features on your mobile device: When it comes to mobile devices it’s amazing what you can do. We can show you through some of the features available on your mobile device, including some neat time saving tips and tricks.

Smart TV Setup

Want to be able to connect to the internet and perhaps Netflix or Stan or Presto on your smart TV – but not sure how?  No problem, we can set it up for and show you how to use it all.

Peripheral Device Setup

Sometimes setting up an xbox or printer or DVD player is not as straight forward as you think.  We’ll set your equipment up correctly, ensure you’re getting the best possible sound, explain the setup to you and show you the basics of using the equipment.

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All my issues and questions were efficiently and quickly answered!

I highly recommend Computer Cures to anyone who wants their computer issues solved efficiently and within minimum time.”

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