Meet our team

Before you invite someone into your home or business, it’s important to know a bit about them. Meet the Computer Cures teams below, so that you have a better idea of the sorts of people you’ll be dealing with.

Paul Zdzitowiecki

Paul Zdzitowiecki

For over 10 years, I have been helping people and small business owners manage their technology.

I am a true geek – obsessed with technology – maybe a little too obsessed? I love it.

When I am not busy working, I can be found riding my mountain bike at Lysterfield Park or along St Kilda Beach. I also like to keep fit by swimming once a week at Albert Park.

As you can probably tell from my surname, my heritage is Polish. Most of my family live in Poland, and I enjoy taking time out and visiting them when I can. On my last trip a few years ago, I visited 12 European countries in 8 weeks, and spent some fantastic time with my family.

Other interests and hobbies: Reading biographies, dirt bike riding, Formula 1, go-Carting, nutrition, European movies, 90’s Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, YouTube, travel, Polish cooking, the beach

Fred Khan

Fred KhanFred began his professional life studying Medical Science at Melbourne University before switching to Robotic & Digital Tech at Monash. His track record includes working for the Sydney Organising Committee for Olympic Games (he won the award for excellence from Herb Elliot), providing network and telephony support, programming IVR for IBM GSA, and working at Cendant Australasia as PABX (phone system) programmer.

Fred has also worked for numerous small IT businesses and ran his own MSP business for seven years, but his expertise doesn’t end there. He was a TAFE teacher for four years for the Diploma of Information Technology and Cert IV in programming, and worked for Casey Test and Tag as full-stack web developer.

Fred speaks four languages: Bahasa, Indonesian, Spanish, and English. And, although he lived in Queensland for four years, he is back in Melbourne to work at Computer Cures.

An avid soccer fan (he follows Italian team Juventus) and lover of motorsports, you’ll find Fred building water-cooled customer computers and go kart racing in his spare time.

Other hobbies and interests: Malaysian and Mexican food, fast cars (he used to own a Lotus Elise 111R sports car), creating apps and programming, and travelling (especially to the outback).

Luke Thomas

Luke thomasLuke has been in the sea scouts since he was five, learning survivalist and maritime skills. Today, he can build fires and shelters from scratch. His interest in computers repairs began when he started fixing them out of necessity – Luke’s siblings were hellbent on destroying the family PC and taking away his game time.

At 18, Luke moved into onsite technical work and studied a Bachelor of Computer Systems Networking at university. Over his 15-year IT career, he’s worked across fields including security, fabrication, logistics, administration, building and construction, hospitality, and customer service.

Luke’s first big IT job was for the Department of Education. He then moved onto Fix-IT, where he was quickly promoted from sales to servicing, becoming the service manager. He was also the warranty manager for his store, giving him outstanding conflict resolution and de-escalation skills.
Outside the IT world, Luke ran a small cat rescue called ‘No Kittys Left Behind,’ where he was called to capture rogue and stray cats, rehabilitate them, and adopt them out to loving families. He still owns three cats and one dog.

Luke loves a good challenge and is a PC/hardware expert specialising in hard-to-fix issues. He’s also a freak at all games. As he says, “Don’t verse me unless you want to lose.”

Other hobbies and interests: Luke was the state and national Guitar Hero Champion, loves Warhammer 40k (tabletop miniatures), and is a serious traditional nerd, collecting Magic the Gathering cards, vintage gaming consoles, and nerf guns. He’s also obsessed with space, science, physics, and dinosaurs, and was a competitive and wildly successful fisherman in his younger days. Luke also enjoys making modded content for games, including Oblivion, Skyrim, and Kerbal Space Program.

Darryl Smith

Darryl SmithDarryl’s had a lifelong passion for electronics and computer systems, having started working in his mid-teens in his family’s business in Darwin. From the age of 16, he was climbing phone towers to install and set up mobile phone equipment, satellite and radio gear.

Darryl later moved to Queensland to complete his apprenticeship, earning a Certificate III in Electrotechnology (Computer Systems). After completing this, he roamed the inland country and many rural sites gaining experience working on everything from PCs, laptops, printers, networks, EFTPOS, ATMs, photo kiosks, self-serve petrol bowsers and even portable fridges.

Darryl moved to Melbourne in 2011, where he’s worked for all of the major banks as well as various organisations installing ATMs and configuring self-service machines at major supermarkets. Darryl is a proficient Python programmer, and has interests in Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Other hobbies and interests: In his free time, Darryl is quite the sports fanatic, playing competitive inline hockey and participating in many competitions and tournaments. He’s also an Auskick coach and a keen runner, taking part in middle distance events. He loves watching AFL football and ice hockey.

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