Want Your Place Networked?

Computer Cures can make life a whole lot easier for you with home networking.

  • Home Networking MelbourneWish you could be online on any of your devices in any room, without any drop outs?
  • Wish you could easily share files with each computer or device without having to email them back and forth?

Types of Home Networks

There are two main types of home networks: wireless (WiFi) and wired.

1. Wireless Home Network

Wireless WiFi home networks are the most popular kind of home networking. There are two main benefits of wireless networks:

  • They are compatible with any WiFi-enabled device, including mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and smart TVs.
  • They are incredibly easy to connect to, as they only require a wireless modem.

2. Wired Home Networks

Wired networks are commonly used in large homes where the WiFi signal can weaken if it needs to pass through walls or travel a great distance. With a wired network we install lots of data points where you need them most – and you can then plug in your computer, printer or other device at these points – except for smart phones and tablets.

Home Networking ElwoodHowever we even have a way around that! We’ll install WiFi modem to a LAN point to extend the reach of your WiFi signal. Combining wired networking with wireless network usually yields the best results.

Benefits of Home Networking

Whether you go for wireless, wired, or a combination of both – you’ll end up with:

  • Reliable access to internet and email from any device in any room.
  • Simple and fast file sharing between household members.
  • Easy access to shared devices like printers and scanners.
  • Lower mobile data costs. No need to use your mobile phone data allowance for online access when you’re at home.

Let Us Set Up Your Home Network for You

Book online or give us a call on 1300 553 166 to chat about setting up home networking at your place. We’ll make sure that all your devices are connected and working properly, everywhere.

“Very knowledgeable and professional service from Paul.

I can highly recommend his services after he did a fantastic job fixing our network and internet issues at both home and business. A+”

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