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About Paul Zdzitowiecki

Paul Zdzitowiecki is a self confessed computer geek with a real passion for removing the stress that technology can cause when it's not setup correctly or functioning correctly. He loves helping people of all ages and technical ability to learn how to enjoy using technology.

Are 4K monitors worth it?

Over the past few years, 4K has become more affordable and more accessible – both in televisions and computer monitors. But, while TV and movie lovers can unanimously agree that 4K improves the big-screen viewing experience, what about monitors? Are 4K monitors worth it for day-to-day computer use? Let’s find out.

What is 4K?
The term […]

How to forward an email as an attachment in Outlook

Did you know that you can forward an email as an attachment in Outlook? It’s a great time-saving hack that stops you from forwarding several emails one at a time.

The hack works on both Microsoft Outlook’s desktop client and web app but isn’t available in the Outlook mobile app for iOS or Android.

Let’s get […]

What does the Windows key do? Here’s what you need to know

You might have used Windows for years, but what does the Windows key do?

Are you a Windows user? Ever wondered what the key with the Windows logo does? In short, one single press opens the Start Menu – go ahead and give it a try. It’s a handy shortcut that will fast become second […]

How to minimise internet disruption when moving to a new home

Congratulations! Moving house is the start of a new chapter for you and your family. But as excited as you may be, there’s a whole lot to get done before the moving trucks pull in. The last thing you need is added stress from major disruptions to your essential services – namely, your internet.

To […]

How to change your Safari background

Boring. Grey. Kind of depressing. That’s how we’d describe the default Safari background. If you feel the same way, rejoice! Because you can add a custom background to spice up your Monday morning.

Just keep in mind you’ll need to be using Safari 14.0 or newer to access the customisable start page. If you have […]

How to limit screen time on Windows 10 step-by-step

Did you know that the average Australian spends more than 5.5 hours each day staring at a screen? That’s almost half of our waking hours.

If you’re looking to minimise your own or your family’s screen time, Microsoft Family Groups on Windows 10 has just the solution – a powerful time-limiting tool that empowers you […]

Do you need a dedicated sound card?

For many years, there was no question. If you wanted a quality audio experience, a dedicated sound card was a must. Today, things aren’t so black and white. Modern PCs have relatively good audio hardware built directly into their motherboards. 

So, why do some people still insist on buying a sound card? Are they a […]

Can websites see your location?

Can websites see your location? And if so, can you hide it from them?

If you think you’re browsing the web in the safety and privacy of your own home, think again. The websites you visit know where you are located in the world – and it’s not just your IP address giving it away.
How […]

Should you upgrade to macOS Big Sur?

Think you should upgrade to macOS Big Sur? Read this first.

Software updates are packed with new features, functionalities, and security improvements. The newly released macOS Big Sur is no different. But, upgrading may not be in your best interest – even if your Mac is compatible.

Should you take the leap? Or hold out? Here […]

Do I need an Apple MacBook battery replacement?

Apple MacBook battery replacement is possible – if you have the right model. Find out more about Mac battery replacements below and stop relying on your charger.

Sick and tired of having to lug your laptop charger from one room to another? You’re not alone. Everyone’s laptop battery will eventually stop holding charge – it’s […]