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Computer MaintenanceThere are few things in life more frustrating than a slow computer! So, how do you avoid it? Well, computers are complex machines, and just like cars, they require regular maintenance to continue running smoothly.

If you’ve noticed your computer slowing down or overheating, try the following computer maintenance techniques, or give us a call on 1300 553 166 and we’ll happily do it for you.

Check for Viruses

Most computers have antivirus software installed, but that doesn’t mean they’re protected. You’ll need to run a ‘full scan’ at least once each month to ensure your computer is virus free. To make things easier, you can schedule full scans. Just make sure your computer is turned on at the allocated time, otherwise the scan won’t take place. Have a look at our article for more information on virus, spyware and malware removal.

Update Software

Software updates are essential, as they safeguard against security threats, and make sure all your software runs smoothly. In fact, if you don’t update your software regularly, it can affect the performance and speed of your computer. Many programs have automatic update checks, but others don’t. It’s best to check manually every once in a while.

You’ll also need to update your operating system, whether that’s Windows or Mac.

Back Up Important Files

Computers break down, and when they do, there’s no guarantee your important files will be safe. Back up important files as part of your regular maintenance routine. If you are running short of storage, consider our article on NAS storage devices.

Remove Dust

Computer TechnicianComputers produce heat that must be ventilated. Without proper ventilation, your computer can overheat, causing it to slow down or stop running completely. Over time, dust particles settle inside computers, limiting airflow and affecting the performance of the internal fan.

Cleaning computers is a complex process, as static electricity created by small vacuums, dusters, and other cleaners can destroy the machine. We recommend leaving cleaning up to one of our friendly computer repairs technicians.

Delete Unwanted Files

Overtime, we accumulate many files and programs that we don’t use or want. These unwanted files can clog your hard drives, and slow down your PC.

Need Help?

Computers are complex machines, and proper maintenance is best left to the professionals. If you want your computer to get back to perfect working order, give us a call on 1300 553 166, or fill out the form on the right-hand side of this page.

or fill in our online enquiry form today to set up an appointment with a local computer technician