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Can I pay extra for faster internet?

Your internet service provider will try and sell you faster internet speeds – you pay more money each month, and in return, your connection is faster.

Although it sounds simple enough, do you really need the extra speed? Would you actually notice a difference?

In this article, we’ll help you decide whether or not the top-tier internet plan is worth it for you. Let’s get started.

What is your current speed?

Before you decide whether or not it’s worth paying extra for faster internet, find out your current speed.

To do that, disconnect as much as possible from the internet, except one computer. Make sure that computer isn’t downloading software updates, streaming video, or any other online activities.

Internet Speed Test Melbourne

Then, head to speedtest.net. Hit the Go button. In about 30 seconds the site will tell you your download and upload speeds.

Compare these speeds with the speeds outlined on your contract with your internet service provider (ISP). It’s not uncommon for your actual speed to be less than advertised. For example, the plan you are paying for might advertise 25 Mbps, but you actually get 10 Mbps. Keep this disparity in mind as you consider whether or not you should upgrade.

Will you notice faster internet speeds?

The answer depends on your household’s internet use, and your current internet connection speeds.

Often, your download speed is limited by the website you are connected to – not your personal connection. If you are, however, jumping from 5 Mbps to 15 Mbps or more, you will notice faster download speeds.

Netflix Internet Speed Melbourne

Again, streaming video on Netflix, Stan, YouTube, and other streaming services won’t necessarily benefit from a faster connection. At very low speeds, you will have to adjust the video quality and wait for buffering. But, once your internet can handle HD streaming, a faster connection won’t improve the quality of the video.

That being said, if you notice minor streaming hiccups when multiple people are streaming video at the one time, a faster connection may help smooth those out.

But, if your whole household can already watch high-quality video without interruptions, you won’t notice any difference.

What about upload speeds?

Your internet connection has two important speed measures:

  1. Download speed, the time it takes for your internet connection to download something from a remote server.
  2. Upload speed, the time it takes for your internet connection to upload something to a remote server.

The upload speed of an internet plan will be dramatically slower than the download speed – but it does matter. Syncing files to a cloud-based backup program like Dropbox requires a sound upload speed, so does adding photos to Facebook, having a Skype or Facetime video call, and uploading videos to YouTube.

Get help choosing an internet plan

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