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No matter what type of computer issues are driving you
crazy at home or at your business – we’ll fix them and restore your sanity quickly.

What We Can Cure For You

  • We’ll cure your computer issues – slow, crashing, viruses, lost data.
  • We’ll set up your computer, printer, tablets, smart phones so they work correctly and sync.
  • If your internet is slow, intermittent or downright awful, we’ll speed it up or liaise with your internet provider if needed – as we can talk the weird language they speak.
  • We can setup your Smart TV, Apple TV, Foxtel IQ, Netflix and home theatre so you can watch or listen to what you want, where you want.
  • We can set up cloud backup so you never worry about losing important files ever again

What You Can Expect

  • We’ll come to your home or business at a time that suits you. (Most issues are fixed within an hour).
  • We provide Same Day Service, and are available on Saturdays.
  • We are fully qualified technicians who are experts in PCs, Macs, Laptops and Wireless issues.
  • You’ll understand what to do and be provided with easy to follow instructions for common issues.
  • Punctual, polite, fast service. We make sure you are 100% happy before we leave, or there’s no charge.
  • We Provide a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on all our services.


Brighton Beach

If technology is driving you crazy and you want it fixed quickly and properly, give us a call on 1300 553 166 or fill out the form. We’ll be around to your Brighton property in a flash.

Mal&Barb-Hutson“My wife and I were having troubles with our respective computers and other electronic gadgets/connections. Paul arrived and we were so pleased to see a person and not have to communicate via email and talk to and allow a “remote” technician to manipulate our PCs from afar. Paul appreciated that our eyes tended to glaze over with PC jargon and gobbledygook. He explained the problems and fixes in easy understandable language.

He went further and assessed our telephones, wireless modem and Apple TV problems (including problems occurring as a result of Microsoft and Apple updates). He also upgraded my wife’s PC to Windows 7 with all the problems of new applications. At the same time he acted on our behalf by talking to Telstra regarding cable connections.

It is all systems go for us now thanks to Paul.
We are thoroughly satisfied with Paul; his integrity, knowledge and professionalism and dedication towards solving problems and have no qualms in recommending his services.

His approach to customer service is truly wonderful and a pleasure to receive nowadays…. (he is so tall I got a crick in my neck talking to him!)

…we will not hesitate to use his expertise again whenever needed.”

Mal & Barb Hutson – Brighton