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Are cheap laptops worth it?

More often than not, you get what you pay for. But does the saying ring true when it comes to purchasing a new laptop? Are cheap laptops worth it? Or, will you end up spending more money – not to mention time – in the long run?

In short, no. If you can afford to […]

10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10

Still haven’t upgraded to Windows 10? Not convinced it’s worth the effort? Well, we are here to share ten reasons why you should take the plunge and start using Windows 10.

From speed and security to improved apps and browser, Windows 10 is far superior to Windows 8 and other older operating systems. Plus, the […]

The Real Reason Your New Laptop Runs Slow

Have you ever purchased a brand new Windows laptop computer, and found it to run almost as slow as your old one?

Well, you’re not crazy. Brand new laptops from Windows do tend to run slow right out of the box. This can be incredibly frustrating, especially since you’ve just forked out hundreds, if not […]

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