Hardware for business: how to purchase the gear you need

If you’re not an IT specialist, managing and purchasing hardware for your business can be a real challenge. How do you know what you actually need? Are there better options out there? Have you considered both major and minor hardware? Are you able to replace any of your hardware with cloud-based software?

We’re here to […]

What happens when you turn on your computer?

You probably do it almost every day, but what happens when you turn on your computer? What’s going on in the background after you initiate the bootup process?

In this article, we’ll answer this question and take a close look at the start-up process. Let’s jump right into it.
Step 1: the hardware powers up
You’ve pressed […]

Introducing 8K TV: Everything you need to know

It seems like we’ve barely begun the switch to 4K, and now 8K TVs have already hit the market. So, are they worth the extra cost? Could you benefit from an 8K TV? In this article, we’ve put together everything you need to know about this new technology.
What is 8K TV?
Many people mistakenly assume […]

7 ways to improve your laptop’s battery life

Did you know that there are a few tips, tweaks, and tricks you can try to improve your laptop’s battery life? What’s more, these tricks even work for laptops that don’t allow you to remove and replace the battery.

So, if you’re sick and tired of your laptop dying on you, give the following strategies […]

How to Choose the Best Storage Solution for your Business

Eventually, your small business will need more storage space. Digital data – including photos, documents, emails, graphics, audio files, videos, spreadsheets, and databases – are the foundation of most modern-day companies.

What’s more, the need for increased capacity extends beyond data storage. A number of additional factors are impacting businesses hunger for space:

More sophisticated […]

PC Upgrades that will Improve your Computer’s Performance

Are you frustrated by your slow PC? Maybe you’ve tried clearing out junk clogging up your hard drive, or even downloaded software claiming to speed things up. Well, if those haven’t worked, it’s time to consider a PC upgrade.

When upgrading your PC’s hardware, you have a whole host of options. You might be left […]

In-house server vs cloud server: Which is better for business?

If you haven’t updated your businesses server in some time, chances are you are still using an on-site device. If you’re ready to upgrade, we highly recommend making the switch to a cloud server.
The difference between in-house and cloud servers
Put simply, the ‘cloud’ refers to the internet. So, instead of existing as a physical […]

How to scan a document on Windows 10

In this article, we’ll teach you how to scan a photo or document on Windows 10. Why? Because, although we are moving toward a paperless society, we’re not quite there yet.

Most of us are required to hand-sign documents and fill out physical forms for work or personal reasons at times. And, once completed, these […]

Power outage protection for computers

Do you know how to ensure power outage protection for computers? Do you unplug your devices during a storm? Do you know the best way to secure your tech against electrical anomalies?

If you answered no to any of these questions, this article is a must-read. In fact, the following tips and tricks could save […]

Synology NAS: How to setup and start using your NAS device

Synology is a brand of NAS storage that we always recommend to home users. These devices are flexible and very user-friendly. In this article, we’ll walk you through the preliminary setup process, from taking the device out of the box to familiarising yourself with the DiskStation Manager interface.

Before we get started, let’s quickly cover […]