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Server Rack

Server racks, or data cabinets, are useful for businesses and individuals who use several pieces of  hardware. The racks are designed to provide a secure and organised space for storing servers, networking equipment and other electronic devices.

When most people think of server racks, they likely picture large, complex setups in data centres or corporate IT departments. However, server racks are becoming increasingly popular for use in homes and small businesses as well.

Why use a server rack?

Whether you own a business or work from home, server racks can be a game changer for your technology setup.

Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits of using server racks for your business or home.

Increased security

Some server racks have lockable cabinets which increase the security of your tech equipment and stored information, giving you peace of mind.

Organised storage

Alongside any piece of technology comes a network of power cords and cables. Server racks keep these well organised and make tracing wires easy during systems maintenance or when a problem occurs. Having cables safely arranged also reduces the risk of trip hazards.

Better ventilation

Server racks are designed to maintain space between devices for better ventilation, and the use of mesh and perforated doors helps increase airflow. With proper ventilation and airflow, your tech equipment is safe from overheating and can perform optimally.

Some racks also feature cooling functions to keep your equipment working at its best. This is especially useful in a closed rack.

Space saving

Having all the necessary tech equipment or electronic devices stored in one easily accessible area makes the best use of your space and improves efficiency in your work environment.

Design considerations

To ensure that your technology setup is tailored to your specific needs, you need a custom server rack that aligns with the unique requirements of your home or business. Here are some of the key design considerations to keep in mind when selecting a server rack.

Open frame server rack

An open frame rack provides organised storage while maintaining airflow around your tech equipment. You can modify these racks easily and improve the access to your equipment when it needs repairs and maintenance.

Open frame racks are a more budget-conscious alternative but don’t allow for increased security. Also, expect dust-build because of the lack of covers protecting the equipment.

Closed server rack

A closed server rack reduces dust build-up around your tech equipment (i.e. data servers, networking equipment) and keeps it secure in locked cabinets to prevent unauthorised access.

It is recommended to use fans and cooling devices when you use a closed server rack to manage the ventilation and keep equipment inside cool.

Wall-mounted or freestanding

Server racks come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Consider using a taller, freestanding rack if you have a small floor area. These give a large amount of storage in a smaller floor space and are quick to install.

Store heavier items at the base of the rack to prevent them from becoming top-heavy. It’s also a good tech management practice to plan which equipment goes towards the front and back based on weight and how often you need access to the different components.

Wall-mounted racks are also an option if space is a concern. You can install these racks off the ground and around other objects making great use of wall space.

Be sure to consider the weight capacity of these racks so you don’t overload them. A professional server rack installer can advise if this suits your space.

Size matters

Although installing a server rack for today’s needs would solve your current requirements, you must also consider the space required as your technology needs to expand.

Talk to your installer about any add-ons you may be keen on to ensure there’s enough space later.

Assessing your space

Booking an assessment of your home or business will allow the installer to conduct a network and server cabinet audit. The installer will visit your home or business premises and complete a project plan based on your needs and available space.

Need help installing a server rack for your business or home?

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