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upgrading to windows 10If you’ve been using a PC in the past 12 months, you would have noticed the annoying, aggressive pop-up messages from Microsoft asking you to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. You may have even clicked on the box, started the upgrade process, and successfully begun using Windows 10.

However, if you are still using an older version of Windows, we recommend you do not upgrade. Computer Cures receive 2-3 calls a week from current and new clients asking us to help with computer repair issues that have occurred after they upgraded to Windows 10.

Here are 7 reasons why upgrading to Windows 10 is a bad idea:

1. Older Hardware/Peripherals are Not Supported

One of the biggest complaints we receive from Windows 10 upgrades is that certain parts of the client’s computer stop working. This may include sound, printing, scanning, bluetooth, or wireless.

A perfect example of this is a client with a Dell Laptop. After upgrading, her sound stopped working, and after investigating further, we found out Dell did not release upgraded sound software. She was forced to purchase a new laptop.

2. 30-day ‘Window’ to Rollback to Your Old Version of Windows

After upgrading to Windows 10, you have a special ‘30-day window’. This allows you to go back to your original version of windows if you encounter problems.

Unfortunately, we see clients that have completed the Windows 10 upgrade, and then left their computer alone for months. When they finally turn it back on, they realise that certain functions no longer work. But it’s too late to do anything, as Microsoft have officially ‘locked you in’ to Windows 10.

3. Slows Older Computers Down Substantially

Windows 10 looks great – but this comes at a cost. To power all the wonderful graphics and menus, a powerful computer is necessary. Computers older than 3-4 years will struggle with Windows 10. The upgrade can slow down every program on your PC.

4. Older Software Not Compatible

Many software packages are incompatible with Windows 10. Certain accounting software and business-grade email accounts, in particular, have issues running with Windows 10.

Software companies have strategically used the Windows 10 release to force their customers to purchase the latest software. They don’t tell you this – it’s very, very sneaky.

5. Forced Updates

Traditionally, you had full control over the Microsoft security update settings. You could receive them automatically every day or once per week, or turn them off completely.

With Windows 10, you have no option but to automatically download all their security updates as they are released. In theory this is fine, but the team at Computer Cures have continuously had to perform computer maintenance on machines that have stopped functioning correctly after an update.

6. No DVD Software

For some bizarre reason, Microsoft decided to release Windows 10 without software that would allow you to play DVD movies. They decided to package-up the DVD media software separately, and sell it back to you from their online store.

If you do have Windows 10, and want to play DVD movies, download the Free VLC media player here.

7. If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

The Microsoft marketing machine has been promoting Windows 10 like crazy, and they claim to have over 200 million users on the new Windows 10 platform. However, they still have many bugs to work out, and it will be at least 12 months before a lot of these issues are fixed.

If you are considering upgrading to Windows 10, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • Is my computer fast? Does it boot up reasonably quickly?
  • Is my computer stable?
  • Do all my programs work fine?

If you answered YES to all the above, Computer Cures recommends that you don’t upgrade to Windows 10, as the upgrade will only create drawbacks. Plus, you will have to work through a pretty steep learning curve to navigate your way around the new Windows 10 menus, and may need to pay for pc repairs when things go wrong.

Need Help?

If you have upgraded to Windows 10 and are experiencing issues, don’t hesitate to get in contact. The Computer Cures team helps out with Windows 10 related issues 2-3 times per week. Call us on 1300 553 166 or fill out the form on this page. We’d be more than happy to help with your computer setup issues.

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