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Think about the data stored on your computer – work files, family photos, important documents. The idea of losing all that data can be terrifying, so when it comes to data recovery, Melbourne locals want to know more:

  • What is data recovery?
  • How does data recovery work?
  • Is data recovery always effective?

Let’s find out.

So, you’ve experienced data loss

It all starts with a sudden realisation. Your stomach drops. This cannot be happening. But it is – you’ve lost that document you’ve been working on all month. The photos of your kid’s first birthday – gone. You’ve experienced data loss. Now what?

Data loss is varied and can be caused by several factors: hard drive failure, data corruption, deletion, software bugs, malware, hacking, physical damage to the hard drive, power failure, the list goes on. In all of these scenarios, data recovery is the solution.

Data recovery is the process of salvaging lost data, and while it can be very effective in many cases, in some, it’s just not possible. So, how does it work?

Data recovery Melbourne: How does it work?

Data recovery techniques depend on what caused the data loss. Here are some of the most common.

Data recovery for accidentally deleted files

Human error is a very real thing, and we’ve all accidentally deleted an important file or folder. The good news is this: any file that is deleted off of your computer hangs around on your drive until it is overwritten by another file. If you start the data recovery process fast, you should be able to restore the deleted file.

The bad news: undertaking pretty much any task on your computer may result in the file being overwritten. Even something as simple as browsing the web can see your treasured files lost for good.

Data recovery for file system formatting

lost data recovery

Formatting a file system is much the same as deleting a file – it removes file information from the disk drive. However, the amount of information removed varies between system formats.

If there is sufficient information available for recovery software to find and restore lost files, you should be able to recover most, if not all, of your lost data.

Data recovery for file corruption

Corrupt hard drive errors can be devastating, but don’t panic yet. It’s very possible for lost data to be recovered.

Before you call in the pros, you could try connecting the hard drive to another computer if possible. You might discover it’s the operating system – and not the drive itself – that’s causing the problem. From there, you can copy all files over to another hard drive.

If that doesn’t work, a data recovery service may be the solution. There’s still a chance of restoring all or part of the lost file.

Data recovery for physical drive damage

Restoring data that has been accidently deleted or removed due to a software failure is one thing. Recovering files from a drive that is physically damaged is a whole other kettle of fish.

Data recovery for physical drive damage will likely require the drive to be carefully taken apart. This process is best left to the experts, as even the smallest speck of dust landing in the wrong place can render your drive unreadable.

Data recovery for solid state drives

Portable computers typically contain lean, fast, shock-proof solid state drives (SSDs), which is great for the user. But because they are relatively new to the market, recovering lost data from an SSD can be a little more difficult.

Recovering data lost due to accidental deletion or file corruption is fairly straightforward – your trusted IT professional will use data recovery software. If your SSD is damaged physically, however, the recovery process will be more challenging and likely more expensive.

The best way to recover lost data? Don’t lose it

When it comes to data recovery, Melbourne locals can rely on IT experts like Computer Cures to restore their lost files. The problem is, this isn’t always 100 percent effective.

The best way to keep your files and photos safe is to back them up. Use a cloud-based storage provider. Use an external hard drive. Ideally, use both. Whatever your preference, give yourself peace of mind and avoid a data disaster by backing up your files.

Need data recovery Melbourne?

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