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How Does VPN Encryption Work?

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have emerged as essential tools for ensuring online privacy and security.

Basically, a VPN creates a secure tunnel, encrypting your internet connection to shield your online activities from potential threats.

Whether you’re a remote worker, a frequent traveller or just someone who’s conscious of your digital footprint, […]

What To Do If You’ve Been Hacked

Discovering you’ve been hacked can be an upsetting and unsettling experience. In today’s digital world, where our personal and sensitive information is stored online, dealing with a hacking incident requires a careful and proactive approach.

Whether it’s your social media accounts, email or financial information that has been compromised, taking swift and well-informed actions is […]

Choosing the Best Virtual Private Network for Security and Privacy

Accessing personal or work-related content at home or on public Wi-Fi, and concerned about keeping your data and network secure? If the answer is yes, then you should seriously consider using a virtual private network, or VPN, to improve your online privacy and personal network security.
What is a VPN?
A virtual private network (VPN) is […]

Eliminating Weak Passwords with Password Management Software

One of the biggest security risks to your home PC and organisational network is a weak password.

Weak passwords put you at risk of having your network security breached by hackers, and opens you up to losing data and access to accounts as well as having your personal details exposed online. The good news is […]

The ultimate guide to CCTV & Security camera Installations Melbourne

CCTV cameras are everywhere. Look around your local post office, cinema, grocery store, and even your favourite coffee shop, and you’ll likely spot a security camera or two. Residential properties, including both one-family homes and apartment buildings, are increasingly protected by the all-seeing eye of CCTV systems.

Five cybersecurity tips you must know

No computer user is above the threat of cybercrime. Follow these five simple cybersecurity tips and reduce your risk. 

Cybercrime is a significant issue. The Australia Cyber Security Centre receives one incident report every 10 minutes, a staggering figure that’s only set to rise in 2021. Ransomware is the biggest threat, with hackers locking people’s […]

Protect yourself from these dangerous Facebook Scams

Scams and other digital threats have come a long way since the email spam of the late 90s and early 2000s, and malicious actors are employing more sophisticated tactics than ever before to harvest personal information and turn it for a profit.

Facebook, with its more than 2.37 billion users worldwide, is one of the […]

How to avoid scam emails

Email – for many of us, it’s the first thing we look at when we wake up in the morning and the last thing we check before we head to bed in the evening.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, more than 293.6 billion emails are sent each and every day. This number is set to surpass 347.3 billion […]

What is cryptojacking and how can you protect yourself?

Cryptojacking is a new, increasingly popular way for cybercriminals to make money using your computer’s hardware. A website open in your browser can take over 100 per cent of your device’s CPU by mining cryptocurrency. And now, cryptojacking malware is beginning to become more widespread.

In this article, we’ll answer the question ‘What is cryptojacking’ […]

Microsoft Office 365 multi-factor Authentication: How to protect your business data

Most modern-day organisations are moving their business to the cloud, and that means making the switch to Microsoft Office 365. It’s never been more critical to protect user accounts and sensitive company data.

One of the best ways to safeguard any information stored in the cloud is by enabling Office 365 multi-factor authentication. In this […]

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