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Standard Telstra Cable Modem with wifi

Does your wireless network suffer from random drop outs, slow speeds or poor coverage in some areas of your property?

Wireless networks are really great (when they work), because they allow you to use your laptop or mobile devices anywhere in your home, even outside.

However if your wifi setup is not done properly, it can cause endless frustration to home users. Just like when you may need some help with computer repairs, Computer Cures can also give you a hand with your home network.

Because you can’t “see” Wi-Fi networks it makes diagnosing and setting up a perfect home network setup a bit complicated.

What Causes Wifi Drop Outs?

Wifi drop outs can be caused by the interference of various electronic devices or specific building construction materials.


Older cordless phones can cause wifi dropouts

Here is a brief list of all the things that can interfere with your wifi network and cause drop outs.

  • Double-brick or cement walls
  • Swimming pools
  • Indoor fish tanks or aquariums
  • Microwave ovens
  • Digital phones
  • Cell phone towers
  • Neighbours’ wireless network
  • Wrongly configured wifi modems/routers
  • Other incompatible devices

4 Ways to Improve Your Wireless Speed

If it seems to take ages for things to load or for emails to download, your wifi might not be operating at full speed.  Here are four quick fixes you can try to see if things improve:

  1. linksys-router

    Linksys router

    Move your modem from the floor and place it on top of a desk or book shelf. This will increase the strength of your wireless signal.

  2. Place the modem/router in a central location (ie: lounge room). This should provide a better wifi signal and improve coverage throughout your house.
  3. Replace your older wifi router/modem with a new model. I have seen so many wireless problems fixed just by replacing a 5-year old router with a new more powerful model.
  4. The last option is slightly more complex and involves investigating all the wireless signals within your home or apartment. Often I find that a neighbours’ wireless signal can cause your modem to drop out.

How to Extend Your Wifi Signal and Coverage

Sometimes the above solutions are just not feasible for your particular wireless home network. For example, most home users with cable internet cannot move their modem to another part of their house.

Either of the following products available can help improve your wireless speeds and eliminate drop outs.

  1. wifiWireless Range Extender
    These devices are commonly sold in places such as Harvey Norman and JB HiFi. All you have to do is plug the unit into a power socket, install the software and turn on.
  2. Long Range Access Points
    They run approximately 3 -5 times stronger wireless signals and are very stable. It is not uncommon to have wireless signal covering your entire house, backyard, front yard, and street with one of these units.

Does Your Wifi Coverage Need Fixing?

If you’re experiencing any of these wifi issues, give us a call or fill out the form at the right and we’ll book in a convenient time with you to check your home network setup out and see what we can do to improve coverage at your place. Give us a call on 1300 553 166. Or Click Here to read about our WIFI Services

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Photo Credits:
Telstra Cable Modem Image: Telstra.com
2.4ghz Cordless Phone Image: Pat Pilon
Linksys Router: Brandon Leon
Wifi Zone Image: Manolo Gomez