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technology trends
Technology continues to evolve around us, improving our daily lives and connecting us with the world around us. Whether this is at home or in the workplace, technology has dramatically revolutionised how we work, interact, collaborate, communicate, and play.

Emerging technology shows us that our lives are only going to get smarter. That’s why we’ve put together our list of the 5 hottest technology trends for 2022, to show how the future isn’t just coming – it’s already here.

1. Extended reality (XR)

XR is the catch-all for immersive technologies, including augmented reality and virtual reality (and a mixture of both). While previously used mainly in gaming, it has moved to consumer products and services, which is why it’s one of the hot technology trends of 2022 and beyond.

How, you ask?

Well, simply look at the opportunities now to try consumer goods from the comfort of your own home; how will a new colour paint will look on your walls, will that couch really fit in your lounge, or how will you really look with a new haircut or colour – anything where you can digitally try out a product is an example of XR.

Mixed reality is becoming more and more common, and creating more immersive interactions between consumers and products is definitely a tech trend that many brands are interested in.

2. The internet of things (IoT)

Smart in-home devices connected in more useful ways is a technology trend that will only continue to gain more momentum.

One example of this is the smart home operating system (a home OS called Matter) that Apple, Google and Amazon have been working on. Their intention is to create a product with the ability to provide reliable, seamless interoperability between devices made by different brands using Internet Protocol (IP).

Up until now, the focus has been more around manufacturers building technology into their devices for the home user to interact with; but going forward greater emphasis will be on how these connect and interact with other devices and products within the home. This will improve how homeowners can connect and manage their devices and gadgets to create a smarter home, overall.

3. NFTs

For those who are still struggling to understand what NFTs are, they’re Non-Fungible Tokens – a unique, non-replaceable digital code that is a representation of a collectable asset. They can only have one owner at a time, and are created on blockchains (i.e., Bitcoin). For example:

  • Digital art
  • Music
  • GIFs and memes
  • Videos and animations
  • Video game assets
  • Sports collectables

NFTs are continuing to gain significant mainstream popularity, with many big consumer brands starting to take part in this trend of creating and selling unique digital goods.

4. 5G ultrafast network

5G – the fifth generation of cellular networks – is here to stay, and given that it’s 100 times faster, offers greater bandwidth and ultra-low latency compared to 4G, it’s no wonder why. 5G is what enables you to download full HD movies to your phone in minutes, and will enable higher bandwidth video for cloud gaming, VR, and 8K streaming. This is the foundation that enables IoT to really grow, in homes and around us.

5. Artificial intelligence (AI)

Once the domain of sci-fi movies, AI continues to gain traction as we move closer to more mainstream domestic robots, devices and services designed to make our lives easier (and smarter). AI is already present in products like:

  • Roomba, the vacuum cleaning robot
  • Alexa and Siri, in-home AI assistants
  • Smart fridges, that can track when food is low and place orders for you
  • Facial recognition
  • Media recommendation systems, like those used by Netflix and Amazon
  • Chatbots that pop up on a website to help you

As an emerging technology trend, you’ll start to see more and more AI integrated into products and services to improve how we get things done around the home, consume media, educate our children, monitor the elderly or infirm, and generally interact with the world around us.

Using technology to improve your day-to-day life

Technology is a core part of how we live and interact, connecting us to family, friends, workplaces, and to media and services around us. While trending technology can be exciting for some, it can also be daunting to others who don’t understand how practically technology can be applied.

The team at Computer Cures love technology, and there’s nothing we enjoy more than demystifying it and making it work for everyone.  From smart device and TV set-up, to mobile device configuration, we can help you get the most from the technology around you, so that you can get connected to the world through your devices.

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