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Not sure what kind of internet connection you have or the difference between ADSL 2+ and Cable internet connections?

Choosing the right type of connection can avoid future problems.

Here’s a run down on the difference between ADSL and Cable. There’s actually several types of ADSL services available – but we’re only going to focus on the latest one – ADSL2+.

ADSL 2 + Internet

ADSL 2+ modem

ADSL 2+ is a type of internet connection that ‘runs over’ your standard copper telephone line into your house. A telephone cable runs from your standard phone wall socket and then goes into an adsl modem. From here your computer may be directly connected to the modem with a cable or may communicate with the modem via a wifi signal.

The speed of your ADSL connection will be depend on the quality of the phone cabling in the street or house, the distance from the telephone exchange, the age of the modem, noise on the line, use of a line filter, etc.

The maximum download speed you can achieve on ADSL 2 + is 24Mbps – which stands for (mega bits per second). However, in reality due to the above reasons speed can actually vary from 5Mbps to 18Mbps.

You can purchase an ADSL 2+ connection through many different internet providers and telecommunication companies. It is also available in most metro areas.

Cable Internet

cable modem

Cable internet is a type of internet connection that runs over a high-capacity coaxial cable – (this cable is also used by Foxtel to provide pay TV services.) The coaxial cable usually runs to your house either underground or above the street and is connected to a grey junction box on the outside of your house. From this box the cable goes to a wall plate and then is connected straight to your modem.

From here your computer may be directly connected to the modem with a cable or may communicate with the modem via a wifi signal.

The speed of your cable connection mainly depends on the type of plan you have with your internet provider. Although there were only two providers of cable internet in Australia in years gone by, there are now lots for consumers to choose from.

Most providers have a starting plan at 36Mbps download speed, then 50Mbps, and an ultimate speed package at 100Mbps. These faster speeds are only available on the more expensive internet plans.

The one major disadvantage of cable internet is that it is not available in all suburbs. (ie: Middle Park)

You can test your internet connection speed below to see what speed you are currently getting.


Which is Better?

home internetCable internet is a superior internet service compared to ADSL 2+. Cable broadband was build and designed from the ground up for extremely high speeds, stability and flexibility. It doesn’t matter how far you are from the telephone exchange or the quality of your old copper phone lines.

Cable internet is less prone to dropping out, and the higher download speeds allow multiple family members to use their computer without any slowdowns or interruptions.

Cable is perfect for families who play online games and regularly stream video from Netflix or YouTube. It is also perfect for those who use NAS storage due to the reduction in dropouts.

The downside of cable internet is that it is more expensive than ADSL 2+, and that it may not be available in your area.

I have had helped several clients with moving their home network setup to cable and they have all told me it was worth every cent.

If you just need a connection for emails and a bit of browsing, then ADSL is probably quite adequate for your needs, depending on your distance from the exchange and the condition of the external lines.

Need help with your internet service?

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