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PC Water Cooling
Water cooling has become a popular choice in high-performance computing. Unlike traditional air cooling, which uses fans to release heat, water cooling uses water’s excellent heat conductivity to efficiently move heat away from delicate computer components.

Water cooling relies on the principles of heat transfer physics – water outperforms air in terms of heat capacity and thermal conductivity, meaning it can efficiently soak up and move away heat.

Benefits of PC water cooling

Water cooling offers a range of benefits that make it a great choice for PC enthusiasts. It excels in temperature management by efficiently dissipating heat from important components like CPUs, ensuring the best operating conditions even during intense tasks.

This type of cooling also stands out for its noise reduction capabilities, as the reliance on larger radiators with slower-spinning fans minimises disruptive noise levels compared to air cooling solutions.

Water cooling enhances the aesthetic appeal of a system, with customisable tubing and RGB lighting options allowing for a visually striking setup.

The improved thermal performance also leads to boosted overall system performance, enabling users to achieve greater stability and higher running speeds under heavy workloads.

Water cooling vs. air cooling

The choice between water cooling and air cooling hinges on various factors. Water cooling excels in efficiently dissipating heat, making it ideal for high workloads – intense tasks like heavy gaming and overclocking where the computer processor runs at a higher than recommended speed.

It also offers the advantage of quieter operation and customisable aesthetics.

With a range of flexible and rigid tubing available, you can make your PC stand out.

Flexible tubing is a less expensive option although can kink and sag when having to cope with loads on it.

Rigid tubing, such as acrylic, gives a range of colours to choose from, customising the set up even more and providing a more secure option for supporting loads and fittings without flexing.

Whether it’s selecting a favourite colour scheme or adapting the lighting to the mood or task at hand, the ability to alter the RGB lighting in an AIO cooling system adds a layer of personalisation and creativity to the overall computing experience.

Air cooling, on the other hand, is easier to install and has a lower initial cost, making it suitable for moderate computing demands and limited space setups.

Air cooling systems offer a simpler setup and require less maintenance, simply removing dust from the PC every few months to keep it running smoothly. This system also helps mitigate the risk of liquids leaking into the PC.

Types of PC water cooling systems

When comparing water and air cooling systems, their suitability depends on a range of factors as they offer clear advantages and disadvantages.

Water cooling, with its superior heat conductivity, excels in managing high temperatures, making it an excellent choice for resource-intensive tasks like overclocking and demanding gaming. It’s also known for reducing noise and allowing for personalised aesthetics.

Air cooling, with its simplicity and lower initial cost, is suitable for more moderate computing needs and situations where space is restricted.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of closed and open loop PC water cooling systems.

AIO (All in One) or closed loop cooler


  • Efficient cooling – AIO coolers offer better cooling performance compared to standard air coolers.
  • Ease of installation – They come pre-assembled and are relatively easy to install, requiring less technical knowledge.
  • Compact design – AIO coolers take up less space compared to custom loop setups.
  • Aesthetic appeal – Some AIO coolers feature RGB lighting and sleek designs that can enhance the visual appeal of the system.


  • Low maintenance – While they are generally low-maintenance, they can still suffer from pump failures or coolant evaporation over time.
  • Limited lifespan – AIO coolers can have a shorter lifespan compared to traditional air coolers due to pump wear and potential leaks.
  • Price – AIO coolers tend to be more expensive than standard air coolers, making them less cost-effective.
  • Potential noise – Depending on the model, AIO coolers can sometimes be noisier due to pump and fan operation.

Custom or open loop cooler


  • Superior performance – Custom loops offer better cooling performance, important for demanding tasks and overclocking.
  • Aesthetically unique – They allow personalised aesthetics with custom tubing, colours and lighting.
  • Flexibility – Custom loops can cool multiple components efficiently in one system.
  • Overclocking potential – Ideal for maintaining low temperatures during heavy use.


  • Complex setup – Installation requires technical knowledge.
  • Higher cost – They are more expensive due to the individual customisation and the components needed
  • Maintenance demands – Regular maintenance is needed to prevent system issues like corrosion and leaks.
  • Risk of leaks – Incorrect setup or maintenance can lead to leaks that damage the system.
  • Compatibility issues – Not all components may be compatible for your system without modifications.

Maintenance and safety considerations

Taking care of a PC water cooling system is all about keeping things running smoothly and safely.

Regularly check for leaks, make sure there’s enough coolant and give the radiators a good clean to avoid any dust or debris buildup.

To keep the system in good shape, use the right coolant additives and give your system a good flush every now and then.

When carrying out installations or doing maintenance, treat your components gently to avoid any mishaps like damaging parts or causing leaks which can damage the setup.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, use good-quality parts and keep up regular maintenance routines to enjoy the perks of water cooling while minimising potential risks.

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