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Sonos is now a world-leader in the home audio industry. Sonos speakers offer high-quality sound and a myriad of streaming and configuration options. And now, Sonos manufactures a ‘smart speaker’ called Sonos One, that behaves much like Amazon’s Alexa.

So, what are Sonos speakers? How can you use them in your home? What are the key features they offer over other speaker brands? Let’s find out.

What are Sonos speakers?

Sonos speakers are top-quality wireless speakers ideal for an at-home sound system. The great thing about Sonos is you can install these speakers throughout your home, and then control each speaker (or room full of speakers) wireless through an app on your smartphone. This means you can play different music in different rooms in your home – all at the same time.

Sonos also offers incredible speaker systems for TV audio, giving you the ultimate home theatre experience.

How Sonos speakers work

Your Sonos speaker system is controlled by an app on your smartphone. A Bluetooth connection is established between your phone and the speaker itself – this only takes a couple of minutes, and you only have to do it during the initial setup.

When you install additional speakers, Sonos creates what’s called a SonosNet that connect all the speakers in your home. This network, while distinct from your Wi-Fi network, relies on the internet to stream audio.

SonosNet is like a network of little highways connecting each speaker – it’s how they communicate. With the unique SonosNet technology, you can stream the Rolling Stones’ ‘Paint it Black’ in one room, and Bach’s ‘Toccata and Fugue in D Minor’ in another. Or, you can stream the same song throughout every room in the house. The possibilities are endless.

Getting started with Sonos speakers

Before you jump in, it’s a good idea to decide what exactly you’ll be using your Sonos speakers for. Some options include:

  • TV audio or an at-home theatre
  • A house-wide network of speakers
  • A one-room network of speakers
  • A smart speaker

Once you’ve decided, you’ll need to pick a product or range of products that fit the bill. Here’s an overview of what’s available:

  • Play:1. A small speaker ideal for smaller spaces.
  • Play:3. A mid-sized speaker that can be integrated into a wireless surround-sound system.
  • Play:5. The largest speaker Sonos sells for at-home use, and the loudest of the Play range.
  • Playbar. A fantastic soundbar that can be connected to your TV as well as other Sonos speakers in your at-home network.
  • Sub. A sturdy subwoofer that adds deep bass to your surround-sound setup.

Setting up your Sonos speakers

The setup process is fairly time-consuming but trust us when we say it’ll be well worth it.

Step 1: Find the perfect spot for your speakers

So, your speaker is out of the box. Now to decide where to put it. Here’s our advice: determine where you spend the most time in that room and place your speaker somewhere within a clear line of sight. Avoid sticking it behind doors and other obstacles that will likely affect your sound quality.

Step 2: Download the Sonos app

Grab your smartphone or tablet – whether that’s an iOS or Android device – and download the free Sonos app. You’ll need this to control your speakers.

Step 3: Configure your speakers via the app

Open the app. Choose Set up new system. Select the Standard option. Now, Sonos will walk you through the setup process. Repeat this procedure for every individual speaker you have purchased.

Step 4: Tune your speakers

To ensure you get the best possible sound out of your new speakers, we recommend tuning them. Within the Sonos app, head to the Trueplay feature (only available on iOS devices, such as the iPhone). This adjusts the acoustic output according to the room your speaker is in.

On launching the Trueplay feature, your speaker will begin emitting a series of tones. While this happens, hold your device upside-down and walk around the room. The app records what it hears as you move around, and based on this recording, modifies how the speakers emit sound.

Step 5: Add your streaming services

Sonos is compatible with all the popular music streaming services, including Apple Music and Spotify. Once connected (you may have to input your credentials), all that’s left to do is listen to music!

How to add a new Sonos speaker to your system

Adding a speaker to your system is easy. Simply open the Sonos app, and select Add a player or Sub. The app will then walk you through the process. Don’t forget to tune up your new speaker.

Need help with your Sonos speakers?

Our team of Sonos experts can help you configure the audio setup of your dreams – from one smart speaker to a house-wide network of surround sound. Get in contact today on 1300 553 166 or fill out the form on this page, and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

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