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Recycling Old Computers

Did you know that over 40 million tons of electronic waste are discarded every year?

Because of this astounding number, recycling old computers and other electronics is more important than ever. Materials in old computers can be used again, and working machines can be donated to schools and charities.

There are only so many times that you can perform computer repairs or computer maintenance before parts wear out, and the machine simply won’t work anymore. Often, it’s only one or two parts that wear down, and other parts may be salvageable. But how do you tell the difference between what will work and what won’t? And is it worth recycling your old computer?

Here are 5 benefits of recycling old computers:

1. Recycling Old Computers Protects the Natural Environment

Computers and other electronics contain hazardous materials, like carcinogens, lead, and mercury. If an old computer is dumped in landfill, these nasty substances can leach into the atmosphere and waterways. Polluting can be harmful to plants, animals, and humans, too.

Recycling Old Computers2. Recycling Old Computer Helps Sustain Resources

When recycling old computers, the computers are disassembled. Many of the parts can be broken down into raw materials to be used again in new electronics. This means reducing the need to mine finite resources. The metals removed from an old computer’s circuit board, for example, can be used again in a new computer’s circuit board – so nothing goes to waste.

3. Recycling Old Computers Helps Out the Local Community

Is your old computer still working, but you now have an upgrade? Stop before you throw the old one out! With a few quick pc repairs or mac repairs your old machine can make someone else’s life a bit easier.

Not all old computers and electronics are disassembled. Machines that are in working condition may be donated to low-income families, underfunded organisations, or schools. This gives people and children access to the technology they need, but might not have been able to afford.

4. Recycling Old Computers Might Save You Money

If you’re looking to buy a new computer, it’s worth checking out any trade-in deals available at computer retailers. Some are willing to give a discount to those who bring in their old device.

5. Recycling Old Computers Re-utilises Resources

Natural resources are not unlimited. We need to reuse resources we already have. When using recycled materials, less resources, energy, and money is needed to manufacture new products.

Recycle Your Computer

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