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internet disruption when moving houseCongratulations! Moving house is the start of a new chapter for you and your family. But as excited as you may be, there’s a whole lot to get done before the moving trucks pull in. The last thing you need is added stress from major disruptions to your essential services – namely, your internet.

To minimise internet disruption when moving house and keep your kids happy and your home office functional, work your way through the following five questions.

1. Can you keep the same internet service?

The National Broadband Network was established way back in 2009. But more than a decade on, some households still aren’t connected. If you are currently on an NBN plan, check if your new address is NBN-ready. If not, you’ll need to contact your internet service provider (ISP) to discuss your options.

You can check if NBN is available at your new address here. If it’s not connected, the handy tool will give you an estimate as to when you can expect your new home to join the network.

2. Have you budgeted for potential costs?

In most cases, if you can keep the same internet plan with the same ISP after you move, you can relocate for free. Sometimes, you’ll need to pay a small fee.

If you’re unable to keep your same plan or need to switch ISP, be ready for activation and setup fees. If you are moving from an ADSL service to the NBN, you may need to purchase a new modem, too.

And finally, if you are under contract with your current ISP and cannot relocate that contract to your new address for whatever reason, you may be hit with hefty termination fees. How much these fees will set you back depends on the contract, when you signed, and when the term finishes. Worst case scenario, you may have to pay almost $1,000.

3. Is your new home temporary or permanent?

If you do have to move to a new plan or provider, consider how long you will be living in your new house before committing. If, for example, you’ve signed a short six-month rental agreement, it’s worth looking into a month-to-month internet contract. Remember, contract termination fees can be high.

If you’re moving into your forever home, go ahead and sign a 12-month contract if it meets your needs.

4. Have you planned for downtime?

new house internet

While your electricity might be connected from day one, your internet will probably take a little longer. How long will depend on the type of internet plan and your ISP.

If you are relocating your NBN plan, the transition should be fast and easy – unless technical issues rear their ugly head and cause delays. Despite this, most ISPs warn their customers that connections can take between two and 30 days to relocate. So, if you work from or require internet day-to-day, make sure you have a backup.

If you are relocating an ADSL plan or switching to a new service, expect delays of up to 20 days.

Finally, to minimise internet disruption when moving house, tell your ISP that you will be relocating in advance – the sooner, the better.

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