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Microsoft 365 for business

Organising your office and its tasks effectively is paramount for staying on top of your business.

Team communication and collaboration must be managed successfully to avoid work slipping through the net.

Microsoft 365, previously Office 365, offers a range of benefits for businesses which allow them to run smoothly and efficiently.

Here we’ll look at some of the benefits and how they can maximise your team’s output.

Information can be accessed from anywhere

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based software which allows you and your team to manage tasks from the office, home or out in the field. Everyone can access real time information when they need it.

Being able to work in Word, Excel or Powerpoint from your phone, tablet, laptop or PC adds flexibility to your business. And through OneDrive or SharePoint, more than one person can work on documents at the same time, so no more worries about having multiple versions saved.

Team collaboration is easy

A lack of team communication can result in missed deadlines or failed projects. Having a system where communication channels are consistent and easy to use improves functionality and productivity..

Microsoft Teams provides a central hub where connections are easily managde. Here you can meet through audio calls and video in large or small groups; form private channels, message each other, share documents and record meetings.

Shared links and set permissions on access ensure security is kept tight.

Your team no longer needs to use a range of communication methods, so are less likely to miss out on important information. Sharing ideas and business updates is easier, keeping a sense of team spirit through true collaboration.

Task management is a breeze

Microsoft 365 Planner is an add-on project management tool, allowing you to organise your team’s workflow clearly and collaboratively.

Similar to other task management ‘board’ style tools, Planner uses cards for tasks. Due dates, assignees, task tracking, comments and more are all managed within the system.

But it’s the integration with Teams and other Microsoft 365 application that really gives Planner the edge on connectivity. The mobile app means managing workflow can be done easily when from the office as well.

Data is securely stored

Another key feature of Microsoft 365 is its high level threat detection and anti-malware technology.

Using artificial intelligence, Azure Sentinel allows you to prevent threats before damage is caused. Azure Defender detects and prevents attacks across email, data and identities.

Identity and access management protects your business, and permission levels can be set based on user authorisation giving you peace of mind.

Data classification allows you to attach labels to identify important documents. This protects information and ensures it is appropriately stored or deleted based on the business needs.

One TB of cloud storage per user in OneDrive gives plenty of space to save documents.

A more productive email platform

With a built-in calendar, contact integration and to-do list, Outlook’s powerful functionality offers so much more than just email.

Important messages won’t be missed when you setup a custom alert to flag the message for you.

Save text blocks with Quick Parts and easily paste them into emails – a great function when you often send similar content.

Controlling emails on the go is also straightforward with attractive and intuitive menus.

Time is easily managed

Managing your time is easy with Oulook’s simplicity.

Keeping the calendar visible means you can schedule meetings and events directly from your emails. Blocking out time slots helps your team know when you’re unavailable or out of the office.

Another great feature is the Scheduling Assistant that allows you to quickly schedule meetings with dates and times that suit everyone.

Collaboration is improved through sharing calendars. Multiple calendars can be viewed side by side allowing for effortless time management.

The ‘Reply with a meeting’ button is also a useful feature built into Outlook. Meeting details are included in the email reply, making organisation efficient.

Software updates are automatic

Updates to the software for Microsoft 365 apps are downloaded automatically online. Checking for updates is easily done and, by configuring the settings, you control them and how often new features are released to your team.

Keeps task management costs low

Free options for business management may not give the data protection and communication channels your business needs.

Fortunately, Microsoft 365 offers a range of business plans to suit the different needs of a range of business sizes and security requirementsn.

Monthly payment plans make it manageable for smaller businesses to make the most of the 365 suite. And the month’s free trial lets you try before you buy.

Set your business up with Microsoft 365

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