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According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, approximately 238,100 households experienced a break-in between 2019 to 2020. Security cameras are beneficial as a deterrent to combat crime like break-ins and as a tool to recover stolen goods. Security cameras provide evidence; however, you can only recover the footage from security cameras if it’s backed up correctly.

Cloud backup for security cameras offers a reliable and secure way to store video footage. You can easily access data from any device or location, so you don’t need to worry about losing footage in case of theft or damage to your equipment, unlike local recorders that can be physically damaged to discard incriminating footage.

Cloud backup also provides an extra layer of protection against hackers and malware. Data is encrypted with cloud-based storage, which can only be accessed with the correct authentication. These additional security measures ensure that your security footage stays protected and out of the reach of would-be intruders. This article compares cloud-based backup and local recorders.

1. Local recorders can be damaged

Security camera footage can be lost if a local recorder is damaged without a backup on the cloud. Damage to local recorders can occur due to power outages, technical malfunctions, physical tampering, or vandalism. It’s important to note that this damage can be challenging to detect once it’s too late. That’s why cloud backup for security cameras protects valuable footage and avoids potential data loss.

2. Limited storage space

Another disadvantage of local storage over cloud backup is its limited storage capacity. Local recorders can only store so much footage at once, and when it has reached capacity, older footage needs to be deleted or manually transferred to make room for new video evidence. This process can be time-consuming and may result in losing important evidence. With cloud backup, there is no limit to how much footage can be stored and retrieved at any time. Cloud backup lets businesses keep a secure video evidence record without worrying about limited storage space.

3. Footage can be overwritten

Local recorders can overwrite stored footage if the memory is full. Limited storage space may mean older footage is recorded over to make space for newer recordings. Cloud backup provides a secure and convenient way to store and access recordings from any location without the hassle of transferring data to make more room.

4. Local recorders are prone to mechanical faults

It is essential to regularly check for faults and perform preventative maintenance to ensure recordings are running smoothly on local recorders. Periodically checking the firmware, hard drives, and other components can help extend the device’s life while reducing the likelihood of a malfunction or unexpected loss of recording capabilities. Regularly cleaning the device can also help prevent future problems, but there’s no guarantee that you won’t encounter issues.

Cloud backup is essential for any business or home that rely on security cameras to monitor their premises. There are so many reliable cloud backup options, there’s no need to risk your storing security footage on a local recorder.

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