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Everyone has been talking about laser projectors lately.

They have become increasingly popular in recent years because of the realistic and immersive experience of watching your favourite shows on the big-screen at the comfort of your home.

But what is a laser projector and how is it different from a standard projector? We’ll answer these questions and more in our article below.

Types of projectors

If you’re looking to purchase a projector, there are two main types available on the market: the classic bulb projector (sometimes referred to as a lamp projector) and the laser projector. The former has been around for decades while the latter was only recently introduced to the general market around 2015.

Bulb Projectors use an ultra-high pressurised mercury vapor ARC lamp to generate a vivid image. This process works by sending an electrical current through the vapor, which then lights the mercury and emits a powerful light that is projected onto either an LCD or DLP screen for the final display.

Laser Projectors, on the other hand, use lasers that bounce off mirrors rotating at a high frequency to provide high-definition projections. You won’t need a special screen with a laser projector, but keep in mind that the type of surface you project on will have some effect on the image quality.

If you’re looking to upgrade your home entertainment system, we highly recommend choosing the laser projector over a bulb projector. Here’s why:

Requires less maintenance

One of the biggest concerns with using a bulb projector is that the bulbs burn out and regularly need replacing. The life of a bulb differs for each projector based on the type of use; however, at some stage, it will need replacing, and the bulbs are costly. You are also required to ‘warm up’ bulb projectors before you can start viewing to get the best quality picture. On the other hand, laser projectors don’t need parts regularly replaced and are ready for use almost instantly.

More energy efficient

Bulb projectors use a significant amount of energy to operate. In addition, the bulbs get hot while in use, so most projectors need fans to cool them down, which is another energy expenditure. Laser projectors only require one power source and deliver better image quality while using significantly less energy.

Farther throw distance

Throw distance is the distance between the screen and the projector lens. When installing your bulb projector and screen, you must calculate the exact position based on the size of the image thrown onto the screen. Picture quality will be affected if you don’t calculate this correctly.

Many laser projectors have an ultra-short throw feature, which means you can customise the image size quickly and easily and position the projector wherever suits. This feature, combined with the fact that it’s compact and easy to transport, makes it an excellent choice for many applications. For example, you can use it for a big-screen cinema experience in your home or set it on the boardroom table close to the wall to replace a TV or computer monitor.

Improved image quality

Laser projectors still come out on top if your only consideration is image quality. The advantages include a wider colour range, more vibrant colours and richer blacks. The lasers produce colours directly, resulting in a brighter image while maintaining significantly better contrast. Bulb projector’s complex process includes filtering the colour from the white light emitted from the bulb, which can negatively affect the contrast making the image look washed out compared to a laser projector.

Disadvantages of a laser projector

As with all technology, there are disadvantages to laser projectors; the most discussed is that  a laser projector is more expensive than its counterpart. However, when considering the lifetime cost of replacing pricey bulbs, a laser projector will likely be cheaper in the long run. And, the cost-per-inch is generally lower when compared to a large-screen TV.

Our final verdict

Considering all these factors, the laser projector is the way to go. The picture quality is incomparable giving you a whole new experience in home entertainment.

Need help setting up your new projector?

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