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Upgrading to Windows 10Until July 2016, upgrading from Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 to Windows 10 was free. But if you haven’t made the switch four years on, is it still worth it? Should you fork out the $225 to upgrade?

In short, yes. Upgrading to Windows 10 is absolutely worth it – and here are five reasons why.

1. Windows 10 is more secure

Software updates contain critical security patches that help safeguard your computer against malicious activity. While no operating system is 100 per cent secure, Windows 10 offers significantly more protection than earlier versions.

Computer viruses can be costly to remove. Even worse, they can result in data loss, identity theft, and an unusable device. The $225 fee might be a small price to pay to avoid these undesirable consequences.

2. Windows 10 is fast

Sick and tired of a slow, sluggish computer that takes forever to open an application or load a web page? Upgrading to Windows 10 might be just the solution.

Windows 10 offers a whole range of speedy performance improvements. For example, your PC’s batteries will last longer, boot-up will happen much quicker, and it’ll wake up from sleep mode in mere seconds. No more waiting around.

windows 10 battery

3. Windows 10 offers new features

Around once or twice a year, Microsoft releases big feature updates that introduce new programs and functionalities. For example, Windows 10 comes with an all-new Photos app that lets you view photos and videos from across your PC, phone, and other connected devices.

4. Windows 10 is built on user feedback

People weren’t happy with Windows 8. It was too different from Windows 7. In an effort to avoid past mistakes, Microsoft created a testing program called the Windows Insider Program. Participating users were able to give honest feedback on what they did and didn’t like.

The result is a much more user-friendly operating system that feels familiar to those that are used to Windows XP or 7.

The testing program is still active, so you can provide your feedback and influence what comes next.

5. Windows 10 is required for new hardware

Looking to purchase a new computer? Want to use the latest graphics tech or play virtual reality games? You’ll need Windows 10.

Anyone looking to introduce new hardware to their battle station must upgrade to Windows 10.

Get help upgrading to Windows 10

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