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3CX phoneThe right VoIP solution can transform your communications, and a 3CX phone system might be the ideal choice for your business.

In this article, we’ll share five ways 3CX can benefit your organisation. But first, what is a 3CX phone system?

What is a 3CX phone system?

A 3CX phone system is a fully-featured Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution. Instead of connecting via traditional phone lines, calls made with 3CX leverage a software system installed onto a server – such as your business internet connection. This enables greater call control, seamless conferencing, flexible pricing, simpler management, and other productivity-boosting benefits. Let’s take a closer look.

5 benefits of a 3CX phone system for small businesses

Benefit 1: Enterprise-grade communication features

Your 3CX phone system will work effortlessly with whatever operating system you and your team prefer; Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android support 3CX. You can even connect via a web-based client for unrivalled connectivity and mobility – two features that are paramount in today’s increasingly digital environment.

The features that come with a 3CX give small businesses the same standard of unified communications as larger organisations – all without breaking the bank. Your staff can make and receive calls, schedule conferences, participate in meetings, transfer calls to relevant team members, and so much more.

Benefit 2: Scalable services that grow and retract with your business

Adding or removing phone lines is a massive headache – and that’s not to mention the costs involved with associated downtime.

With 3CX, you can grow or retract your communications service quickly and easily. The process is as simple as adding or removing an email address.

Benefit 3: Reduce IT costs


A 3CX phone system can cut your phone bills by up to 80 per cent. You can eliminate interoffice call charges, connect remote branches, and empower employees with their own extension wherever they are in the world.

Benefit 4: Integrate seamlessly with your preferred software

3CX integrates with leading CRMs, Office365, and other popular software suites. Workers can set up call pop-ups, journals, and other time-saving features that streamline workflows across applications.

You can even add a 3CX Click2Call extension to both Chrome and Firefox. This allows users to phone a number directly from a website or CRM system with a single click.

Benefit 5: Enhance mobility

Android and iOS applications make 3CX your business’s secret weapon, one that will ensure your team can keep on top of mission critical tasks and customer service even with work from home arrangements in place.

In short, 3CX mobile apps allow employees to make and receive calls to their office number from their smartphones – whether they are in the workplace, at home, or halfway across the country.

Upgrade your phone system today

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