The best online backup services

Online backup services can benefit the everyday computer user – as well as small businesses – for many reasons: they are convenient, secure, and immune to natural disasters.

Because of their popularity, the market is saturated with companies offering cloud-based backup. In this article, we’ll share with you the three best online backup services in […]

The difference between cloud backup and cloud file syncing

Want to use a cloud-based service to back up your important files? Great choice. Cloud backup services are secure, flexible, and reliable, especially when paired with a secondary physical backup.

Do keep in mind, however, that not all cloud file storage services are the same. In fact, there’s quite a difference between cloud back and […]

8 ways to clean up your digital photo collection

Gone are the days of traditional albums – now, photographs are stored on our computers and phones. The problem is, we don’t always organise our digital photos effectively.

In this article, we’ll share with you eight ways to clean up your photo collection, so you can quickly and easily access your family memories.
1. Delete duplicates
Some […]

How to Backup Your Mac with Time Machine

Have you got a solid data backup system in place that protects the files, photos, and important documents saved on your Mac from hard drive failures?

If not, we suggest getting started with Time Machine. Time Machine is Mac’s in-built backup software.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the backup process step by step. If […]

Cloud Computing: What is ‘the Cloud’?

The cloud, cloud storage, cloud computing – you might’ve heard these terms before, but what exactly do they mean?

In this article, we’ll explain what the cloud actually is, and how you can use the cloud to streamline your computer-use.
What is the Cloud?
Put simply, the cloud is the internet. When something is stored on the […]

5 Features of Google Photos that Make Your Life Easier

Google Photos is a great way to store and edit your images. This free browser-based app is packed full of features that will make your life a whole lot easier. Let’s have a look at five of our favourites.

With smart phone cameras getting better and better (see: iPhone 7 Plus portrait mode), and photo […]

How to Back Up an iPhone and iPad

Imagine if you lost the entire contents of your phone or tablet. Protect the valuable photos, videos, documents, and more you have saved by learning how to back up an iPhone and iPad.
Why is Backing Up Important?
Like computers, iPhones and iPads have a limited lifespan. Unlike computers, we tend to purchase new iPhones and […]

Top 10 Reasons I Love Dropbox Cloud Storage

Keeping your files and photos secure is so important, and the best way to do this is to back up your hard drive. One popular and convenient method of back up is cloud storage, which means your files are saved online (don’t worry, they can only be accessed with your permission).

Dropbox is an excellent […]