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reasons to use a desktop computer

In this day and age, are there any good reasons to use a desktop computer? Even despite their total lack of portability? Absolutely.

However bulky, however utterly stationary, the desktop computer will remain a great choice for many computer users. Why? Here are five compelling reasons to opt for a desktop computer, either instead of, or in conjunction with, a laptop.

1. Desktop computers are upgradeable

desktop computer

When your laptop becomes unbearably slow, you’ll need to invest in a new one. (Of course, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes there are other factors at play, see “you don’t really need a new computer.”)

When your desktop computer becomes slow, you can simply upgrade one or more of the parts. That might include the RAM, hard drive, or processor. Upgrading individual parts can significantly improve the performance of your machine and is much cheaper than purchasing in a whole new computer.

If you’re not sure which computer parts will result in the greatest improvements, check out our article PC Upgrades that will Improve your Computer’s Performance.

2. You’ll get more bang for your buck

Sometimes, laptop and desktop computers with comparable specs cost roughly the same. However, the key differences between the two are the graphics card and processor.

To make laptop computers slim, light, and portable, manufacturers create smaller, mobile graphics cards and processors. These are most likely not as powerful as the bulkier counterparts found in desktop machines. If you perform power-intensive tasks on your computer – such as video editing or gaming – this could make a noticeable difference.

3. Desktop computers are ideal for gamers

desktop computer

The average age of a gamer in Australia is 32 – it’s no wonder PC manufacturers are taking their gaming devices more seriously than ever. And if you’re a gamer, there’s nothing quite like a heavy-duty, ultra-powerful desktop computer.

If you are considering a gaming laptop, keep in mind that some models can hardly be considered portable. Most are huge and heavy. What’s more, the smaller size of parts could result in less-than-ideal performance.

A good gaming desktop will be both cheaper and more powerful. Plus, you can upgrade your device as games become more demanding.

4. Powerful desktop computers are cheaper

If you compare a laptop computer with its desktop equivalent, chances are the desktop will be more affordable. Buy the parts individually and assemble it yourself or with the help of a professional, and you’ll be paying even less.

5. You can still use a laptop or tablet


A portable, base model laptop is the perfect complement to a stationary desktop computer.

Imagine this: at home, you have a powerful desktop computer. This is your main computer, your workhorse. But, if you need access to your cloud-stored files on-the-go, you also have a cheapish laptop or tablet.

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