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need new computer

While shopping for a new computer may be fun for some, for others, it’s a confusing hassle. From understanding the technical jargon to seeking out the best possible deal, purchasing a computer can be a serious headache.

Unfortunately, if your old computer is slow, full, and just not performing at its best, it may feel like you have no other option. The good news is, that most likely isn’t true.

Before you jump the gun and fork out thousands, have a read of the following reasons why you probably don’t need a new computer. It could save you a whole bunch of time and money.

1. You just want the latest tech

need new computer

If your old computer is functioning, more or less, totally fine, and you just want a new device to experience the latest in tech updates, hold off.

Of course, we all lust after the newest gadgets. They’re exciting to read about, and even more fun to try out for ourselves. The thing is, if you don’t need a lot of power to perform your day-to-day tasks (for example, browsing the web, checking your email, editing documents, etc.), you probably don’t need the latest computer.

What’s more, the today’s newest computers will be out-dated in just a couple of months. That’s the nature of the tech industry.

2. You haven’t given your computer the TLC it needs

Imagine living in a home for a couple of years and never cleaning it. Your living conditions wouldn’t be too great, but that doesn’t mean you should go out and buy a whole new house. Instead, you should give your current house the TLC it deserves – a good clean, a fresh coat of paint, and maybe even some new furniture.

Same goes for your computer. Over time, files, photos and software build up and become outdated. How often do you clear these out? Do you always update your software? Does your hard drive have the space it needs to function properly?

It’s a good idea to give your computer some maintenance before you decide to buy a whole new machine.

3. You can speed up your current computer

need new computer

Slow computers are frustrating – we get it. That’s why you should speed up your old computer before you go out and buy a new one.

A whole host of factors could be impacting your computer’s speed, including:

  • Outdated operating system and/or software
  • Full hard drive
  • Computer virus or other malware
  • Cluttered filing system

Address some of these issues first. You could even reinstall your operating system and start fresh, just remember to backup what’s important beforehand.

4. You use the internet for everything

Do you use the web for just about everything – that is file storage, email, web-based software, text and video chat, word processing, and more? You probably don’t need a new computer.

Why? Because you don’t need much local storage space, and a hard drive with plenty of free space is a fast hard drive.

5. You want something portable

need new computer

If portability is your number one concern, you may get more bang for your buck purchasing a tablet instead.

While laptops have become easier to toss into your bag and use on-the-go, a slim profile and lightweight design comes at a cost. With that in mind, it’s worth considering a tablet. These days, you can purchase tablet-versions of popular productivity apps which work seamlessly with the touchscreen device. What’s more, browsing the web, checking your email, keeping up-to-date on social media, streaming Netflix, and other simple, everyday activities are fully optimised for smartphones and tablets.

6. You can upgrade your operating system

If you’re running an old operating system, your current computer may meet the technical requirements to upgrade to the latest version – for Windows users, that means switching to Windows 10, and for Mac users, upgrade to macOS High Sierra.

If you’d like a little more information on the benefits of upgrading to Window 10, have a read of 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10.

7. You use a desktop computer

need new computer

If you use a desktop computer, consider upgrading some of its components instead of purchasing a whole new machine.

While many of us opt for laptops because of their portability, desktop computers have a few worthwhile advantages. They are cheaper, for one. And, they are easily upgradeable. If you’re not sure which components to upgrade, check out our article PC Upgrades that will Improve your Computer’s Performance.

8. You don’t want to set up a new device

Setting up a new device can be painful. From backing up your files and photos (which you should be doing anyway!) to transferring your purchased software from one computer to another, the process can be seriously time-consuming.

In addition to dealing with your own collection of data, you’ll also need to uninstall a bunch of bloatware. So, if you aren’t going to see significant performance improvements, it might not be worth the effort.

9. Computers aren’t cheap

need new computer

At the end of the day, computers are expensive. Even if you decide on the very cheapest machine, you are still looking at a couple hundred dollars. Go beyond that, and you’ll soon be forking out thousands.

If you’re not 100 per cent convinced you need a new computer, it may be best to save your hard-earned cash or spend it elsewhere.

Want to boost your computer’s speed?

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